Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Never Voted

Get this.  I have never voted in my entire life.  But…today I voted.  I spent over 20 years on active duty and served in Viet Nam.  I felt it was my right not to vote if I chose not to.  I never saw/heard a candidate that I felt I could trust to do the right thing.  Why this time?  I said a long time ago if Colon Powell ever ran for President I would vote for him.  He never did and his time has past.  The night before election day I saw him endorse a candidate in his opposite party.  That in itself says something.  I was first in line at 7 AM to vote this morning and did so. Carol was second.  No lines….DSCN1335

Life continues on…

We then went to the Court House Cafe for breakfast.  It’s next to the court house…duh.  We had eggs, taters, sausage, toast & coffee ($1) for a total of $11.  That beats Cracker Barrel even splitting a breakfast there. 

Then we went Lowe’s to get some rope lights for the mobile porch.  Now it will be lit the whole 50 feet.  While there this tool box jumped out at me and I don’t think I could live with out it.DSCN1337 DSCN1338

It was $50 on sale plus I got 10% after showing my military I.D.  Anyone with a DD214  or military I.D. can get the 10% off everything at Lowe’s except clearance items.  Neat.

I will put my old BIG HEAVY one in the barn along with some other accumulated hand tools.  Some I will take to Congress, AZ for our shed there.  Remember we only have a large shed on an empty lot there and not even electric yet.

On the way back from Lowe’s I saw a gas station gas at $3.09 & diesel $3.68 on the corner of routes 190 & 146 in Livingston.  I wonder what it will be like next week after the election today.

Newmar called me later in the day.  They wanted to let me know they have gone over all my pictures, repair invoices and their engineers feel that the Beast is good to go and will stand behind their RV.  That’s a statement I hope not have to challenge.

See ya…….