Monday, November 12, 2012

1,000 Posts/RV Repairs

For you bean counters and curious people today is my 1,000th post on this blog.  I have had 219,498 views since day one.  I have viewers from 10 different countries.  That’s something.  I guess they want to see what us foreigners are doing.  I will just go on doing my little typing..

RVers have to learn to work on their RVs.  If not, it can get expensive.  I’m no mechanic but I figure if something is broke then I can’t hurt it too much more.  Today I worked on one of the compartment doors.  I have three doors that were getting more and more difficult to close.  The lock keeper on the RV frame had screws that were stripping out.  I figured I would work on one today.DSC_0006I got bigger screws and a drill bit and went for it.  The doors work better and will hold for a long time.  To get them done at a repair shop probably $100 to $200 bucks.  My cost was $5.

Next it was time to clean the battery terminals.  They seem to corrode more with age.DSC_0003

I got some red spray cleaner and some preventative spray stuff and just went to work on cleaning.  Not hard work, just work.  I noticed my battery monitor said it was go through an equalizing charge of the batteries.  This is good.  The system charges the batteries in a special way so as to make them “equal”.  I don’t know much more than that other than it’s good to do that to your house batteries ever so often.  My system decides when that is some how.  Way above my level.  I will complete the cleaning another day.DSC_0002

Next was to work on my Pressure Pro tire system.DSC_0004I got one bad one out of 12 sensors with no spares.   The bad one happens to be the driver side front of the RV.  I will take the left rear of the Jeep and use it.  I want to know when my front tires are a little low more than the Jeep.  I might order a another sensor if I get around to it.  They use to cost $50.   Well, I couldn’t reset the sensor in the new location for some unknown reason.  I will try again another time.

Now if you're counting I started 3 jobs but did not complete none.  That’s OK.  Tomorrow is another day or maybe a few days or more I will do more.  for now that was enough.

In the mean time I’ve started another pork butt.DSC_0007It’s a little harder now that the weather has changed.  Smokers don’t like the temps when they get below 50 degrees or so.  Tonight it will get into the 30s. That means it really slows the cooking process down because the smoker can’t hold the temps.  I will bring the pork butt in after it smokes for about 9 hours and finish it up in the oven.  Never done that.  Plus I used another special rub mixture that I’m experimenting with.  I need some guinea pigs again.

For dinner a bunch of us (14) went over Marks.  He had his famous smoked meat loaf.  He added a twist to one of three he prepared.  He added jalapeño peppers.  It was well liked by those who eat that kind of stuff who includes me.  Fun was had by all. 

We got back about 9 PM and it was time to move the pork butt from the smoker to the oven.  I wrapped it up and in it went.  Five hours later that night my temperature alarm went off.  It reached my temp setting.  Yes, that was 2 AM.  I wrapped it up in towels and put it in a ice chest.  I will open it and pull the pork when I get up.  Sometimes the cook has to sacrifice a little for supberg results.  At least I hope so.

See ya………..