Monday, November 19, 2012

Old RVer

Today was haircut day but the barber shop was closed on Mondays.  It’s been several months and I don’t even remember when or where.  Not unusual for an RVer not to remember things like that.  I noticed the last few days that my hair is turning grey, all over.  People have accused me of actually coloring my hair in the past.  I’m too cheap for that.  I guess this last year of not working made it grey.  Maybe it was the Tiffin or the Newmar.  OR maybe it’s just old age.  Nah, it was the manufactures, it couldn’t be old age.  I’m only 6…….ish.  Damn, I am old!  Reality, it’s a bitch.

Look out here comes Vicki.  Got herself a RV and gonna be a new full timer in a couple of weeks.  Go girl!!!!!  See ya in Quartzsite and Boot Camp.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be Dr appointments 75 miles away.

See ya.