Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day – Get Ready It’s Coming

I was setting in the barber chair at 7 AM this morning.  They open at 6:30 AM.  Hey, sun’s up it’s time to work in Texas.  I got to get all pretty up to eat one of them there turkeys that Obama didn’t pardon.   I even shaved my beard so the turkey juice could run right on to my shirt.

From there I went to the bank ATM.  Seems like they had to much money in their vault.  I keep trying to help the economy.  This year it’s a friggin wonder the economy hasn’t recovered at all with the money we spent.  Sorry, we’re out now.

Next I went to West RV Repair to talk to the boss man about this awning fiasco.  We’re on the same track and especially since Newmar is paying the bill for their (Newmar) continued screw ups.

I then called Newmar with guns loaded.   Stained awning and it’s not working well.  Plus another electrical problem that they had previously worked on while in Indiana. They had no excuse and just apologized again.  They asked for pictures and I pushed the button and off went 9 pictures of the stained new awning they sent.  Here’s one pic… DSC_0003 They acknowledge receipt and will be back in touch.  Three steps forward and two back so we are making a little progress.  Same ole, same ole though!

West RV Repair called.  They said Newmar would replace the awning again (4th time) and the awning motor.  So that takes care of that for now.

We have about 110 signed up for Turkey Dinner tomorrow.  Now we got 12 turkeys to take care of.  They were delivered on time and cooked.  We had about 5 carvers plus helpers.  It was sliced juiced foiled and it the big frig at the activity center in about 1 1/2 hours.  A job well done by all.  Tomorrow it’s warming them there turkeys in the cookers, ice tea, coffee, making gravy, getting ice, no problem.  We got some great volunteers.

For dinner Jenny (& Dan) fixed us some gumbo and it was good.  Gary and Leeann Boone joined us all DSC_0002 for dinner too.  That’s Dan in the background.  Gary & Leeann are new fulltimers.  I think going on two years.  We sat around and shared cat stories and wine/beer making.  I drank beer and just did the tiny sips of the wine (mead). 

Here’s Jenny before trying Slap Ya Mama seasoning  DSC_0005 

and here’s afterwards.  DSC_0003We traded Jenny & Dan some smoked pulled pork for some Dungeness crab meat.  We both liked that trade.

Here comes tomorrow…..

See ya…