Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Little Piggy Is Smoking

I went back to bed about 5 AM after resetting the timer on the smoker.  I got up about 7 AM ready to do something.  First check on the pig.  It’s fine!

I’m getting “stuff” ready to put into the Beast’s belly.  Just the stuff on the floor.DSC_0002

Most of it are tools and ATV stuff that we will keep on our lot at Escapees North Ranch, Congress, AZ.  We want to put in water, sewer and 50 AMP hook ups for two places on the lot.  I don’t think it will get done in January because we have to go and have fun in Quartzsite most of the month.  We might boone on it since it’s not hot but it will be on the side of nippy.  We aren’t permitted to run the generator inside the home areas.  I think that’s a good rule because some people are ignorant. 

What time is it kids?  It’s La Colona lunch bunch time because it’s Thursday.  It’s just like Howdy Duty time.  A bunch of kids having fun with food.  It’s now an old timer thing.DSC_0006

Oh, oh, I was sent this portable solar kit yesterday to test out.  It’s pretty neat.  It folds all up and goes into this canvas bag.  Pretty neat.  I will play with it here in Livingston and run it thru the ringer out in AZ.  They want my feed back on it.  O.K., why not?  They are sincere or they wouldn’t have sent me their $500 product.  It’s a small business that’s family owned and it’s made here in the U.S.  Their off to a good start with me.  DSC_0004

Back to my butt.  They’ve been in the smoker for 28 hours and I decided to take them out.  They almost fell apart getting them out.  First I wrap them in tin foil then a towel.  They have some good bark on them.  The white is the bone showing because the fat has been cooked out of it.DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Now they will go into an empty ice chest to soak in their own juices until tomorrow.

Some good friends from the Hill Country, near Fredericksburg, TX stopped by.DSC_0010

Wayne & Beth Roberts, our neighbors, us and our mutual friends went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant west of Livingston. I can’t spell the name of it much less say it.  We were in that restaurant for over 3 hours.  We sure did swap some stories as old people do.  No medical stuff so we are doing pretty good for old folks.

See ya……………….