Thursday, November 1, 2012

Newmar Srews Up Again

I was setting at the repair shop at 8 AM to get the new awning.  We went over everything and we were on the same sheet as Newmar.

About noon the repair shop called me.  Newmar sent the wrong friggin awning.  I called Newmar and they had already received a call from the repair shop.  Newmar had found the error and the next awning will be out next week.  This time I won’t move the Beast until after the awning has been pulled out of it’s shipping container and verified it’s the correct one.  That’s my bust for thinking they would be a little careful with the handling of this situation.  I screwed up thinking that.

Now, do I move our “stuff” back into the Beast or wait.  I’m waiting……

LUNCH.  I’m still eating pulled pork.  I’m starting not to like it as much.

Since we are having nice warm weather here I decided to install the electrical for the solar panels tomorrow.  Today I got prepared which meant I collected the wiring, fasteners, tools, etc.  I also tilted 3 of the 4 panels up so I can get get behind them for the wiring.  I only have tilt brackets for three.  I only raise 2 panels when collecting solar sun because if I raise the front 2 I block the rear 2.  I usually only raise them at Quartzsite.

DINNER.  Still eating pulled pork but I put in a soup this time.

See ya…………