Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dishwasher In A RV

I always thought it would be nice to have a small dishwasher in our RV.  About now a lot of people are saying no way.  I say do you have one in your home?  The motorhome is our home.  Carol is against this.  I bring this up because I had dishes to do from last night’s dinner with Art & Caroline over.  The dish count was not a lot but putting them in the dishwasher and turning it on was nice.  Did you know that you use less water using a dishwasher than washing by hand usually?

Did you know that Sandy and Katarina Storms were about the same strength?   Sandy’s covered area was double the size of Katarina and was in a more populated area.  Sandy covered 480 miles.  I thought that was an interesting fact. Do you realize that I’m full of facts this morning?

LUNCH.  Time for the lunch bunch at La Colonia Mexican Restaurant.  Art & Caroline even showed up for the lunch bunch.  It was great as usual.DSC_0010

Repair Shop Tomorrow. Today I got the Beast ready to pull out tomorrow about 7:45 AM. I even hooked the Jeep, disconnected the electric and aired up the Beast.  It’s ready to roll.  Looking Goooooood.DSC_0002

I left my front boards down by mistake.  I stopped by chance before I ran over them with my rear wheels.DSC_0004 I didn’t have to take out my clothes and valuables because I never put them back in from the last time it went in the shop.  That gets old.

I got a bag of candy in case we get any tricker treaters  which are rare.  I’m sure Carol will know what to do with them when she gets back.

I have half way decided to take my Bradley Smoker to North Ranch with us when we leave.  I got the room to carry it.  Denny & Susie would like to have smoked pork butt at the Escapees Chapter 44 rally that they are hosting in March.  We can do the smoking at North Ranch and then take it over to Chapter 44’s rally.  Plus maybe some “practice” smoking at North Ranch before hand.

I also have half way decided to take my Camp Chef 3 burner stove/grill/griddle to North Ranch when we leave.  I will make room for it.  I just think it could be of more use in AZ than here in Texas especially with the time we will be gone from Texas this time.

Yes we will take our little Weber 100 with us also. 

You know I just might take that Cobb slow smoker.  I got that electric grill too.  Oh, and that big Coleman…..I guess I better leave some of them here in Texas.

No trick or treaters………..candy for Carol…

See ya……