Monday, October 1, 2012


I missed posting Saturday so here it is.

We made it to Newmar in Nappanee, IN…..I think.  I’m sick as a dog on a merry go round.

See ya….

Sunday was previously posted..

And here’s MONDAY…felling almost normal if there is such a thing.

Two Newmar tech’s knocked on our door at 6:05 AM and we were first and ready with all the outside lights on.  Been here done this before.  We went over my written concerns and they took the coach 20 minutes later.  The Jeep is packed with all of our “overnight” stuff for three nights.  We went to a local Amish type restaurant and had a small breakfast.  We messed around for awhile in Newmar’s lounge with other people in waiting.  Then we went on the Newmar tour.  It’s been about 12-14 years since our last tour.  What the lady didn’t know I filled in for the few on the tour.  I asked if she could turn her back for a moment.  I went on the ladder of one that they were building and checked out the roof.  It had a fiberglass roof.  I made a few mental notes for future reference.  I thanked the lady and explained our roof situation.  She just said “Oh my”.  We did get to see a model being built that we liked if were ever to down size.  It’s a Newmar Ventana mode 3434 diesel.  They are producing 3 units a day.  In the best years they were between 17-20 units a day…whoa..

We checked in the Amish Acres Inn and got settled in.  Newmar called and said for us to be over there at 7:30 AM and I could see the top of the RV without the roof and prior to the install of the underdecking as requested.  I also requested to see the underdecking installed prior to the NEW fiberglass roof going on.  No problem.  All’s good at this point.

It was a quiet evening in the motel and the cat even I think was settled in.  It was better than being in the cat carrier in the Jeep for sure. 

See ya….