Sunday, September 30, 2012


My cold is on the down hill side I think.  The sore throat is gone and the nasal thing is just about over.  Carol says I sound sick.  I rather sound it than be it.

We packed up our “stuff” getting ready to go to the motel tomorrow.  I’m getting anxious to get this over with.  My anxiety level is high playing the “what if game.”  First concern right now is that don’t pick up our rig between 6 & 6:30 AM tomorrow morning.  I never received any paperwork (emails) about their procedures, etc. like in the past.  If forgotten, somewhere around 8 AM Newmar executives will know I’m here.  I know where the their offices are from previous interventions with bad workmanship and lack of concern at the lower levels.

I shined the wheels and wiped down the coach today.  I took a few pictures of the roof and went in the Pisca picture history and found some more “same problem” pictures for Newmar.  I printed some glossy 3X5 prints for ammunition to fire at the higher ups if need be.  A few pics among many. DSC_0004 DSC_0010

I know some people call this attitude being aggressive.  When I meet them I will kick their butts…smile.  I call it not letting a big company walk on us.  This is only used after the “get more with honey”  attitude fails completely.  So far I’ve been very cordial is this matter and I think that has been a surprise for them because they deserve a lot more.  I will continue to hold them accountable for not doing their job right in the first place.  If they start to wave I will come down on them so hard that they will remember for sure.   Is that being nice.  No, nice can go out the window real quick based on their lack of at this point.  We as RVers have to hold manufactures to a standard that they say they are at.  Go to the big wigs of the company and ask them if they really care about their product.  It’s really that simple – kinda!

Well that’s enough of rambling about that.  I think you know I’m prepared for the worst so anything else will be great.

Watched some football and watched NASCAR.  Talked to some neighbors here.  One guy really has troubles.  While at Freightliner they plugged his coach into 240 volts.  It burnt all his 110 electronics up in the coach.  They are starting to penny pinch on him.  He has only started his battle with the dealership.  Makes our problem seem small.  Another couple has a 2012 Dutch Star with a severe paint problem.  The coach has orange peel and dust underneath the paint. It looks like a good Tiffin paint job.  Slam dunk – had too!Out of character for Newmar for sure.  Newmar has changed paint companies and are having growing pains at the cost of customers.

Anyhow…moan and groan here at Newmar.  It’s 3 AM and time to get back to bed….

See ya………….