Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today - Full Timing As Usual

I start this blog in the early morning usually.  Today I will try and get my meds at CVS.  Never done this before.   I also need to wash the Jeep and the Beast.  I guess we will go into town this morning to eat at Carol’s Cracker Barrel also.  Since it’s suppose to rain this morning I probably won’t wash the Beast early but it really needs it.DSC_0005The Jeep needs it because it has that rain road grime on it.  Can barely see out the side windows.  Oh, I need a headlight for the Beast.  One of my driving lights has gone out.  This will be fun.  It’s one of those bullet headlights.  I’m pretty sure I can get it at Newmar but don’t want to pay the higher cost.  Time will tell.

So this is my list of things to do today.  Carol has one also.  As full timers we have lists just like home owners due.  Ours are usually related to the RV and full timing itself.  When traveling it seems the list is just the important stuff like meds, wipers, headlights, etc. 

Well we went into the little local town of Clinton via a back road.  It was interesting. DSC_0002 We haven’t been to Clinton in almost 10 years.  We had our 96 Dodge Ram diesel truck ABS system repaired at the local Dodge dealer.  We ate breakfast at the Dairy Queen that we ate at years ago.  It was the first place I ever saw an egg on biscuit & gravy.  Ahhhhh memories.

The little town had a CVS and getting my meds refilled was no problem.  Time has changed because it was a big hassle years ago.

While in town we drove thru a car wash for $5.  It wasn’t worth it.  Then we went to a $1.75 self wash.  The Jeep was still pretty dirty.

I also picked up a headlight at Advance Auto in town.  I installed it when we got back.  No big deal other than the $15 for a little bulb.

It was now time to wash the Beast.  I started it and realized I needed Carol’s help due to the hard water.  She dried each section after I washed it so we wouldn’t get hard water spots.  It worked pretty good.  About 3 hours later we were done and the wheels where shiny.  I put some 303 Aerospace stuff on the tires.  Looking good.

Then I wiped down the Jeep and it’s looking good too.

Here’s the new toy I couldn’t live without that I got at Cabala's.  It was $79 on sale and included everything you see.DSC_0003 DSC_0004

While at Newmar this weekend we will prepare to live in a motel.  We now have experience in this being that we had a Tiffin and did that several times.  Take the valuable stuff with us, fill the ice chest with perishable food, sort clothes, take chargers, where’s the cat, where’s the wife, where’s my mind……..

Cracker Barrel tomorrow?

See ya……..