Monday, September 10, 2012

Everyday’s An Adventure

New neighbors.  They came in very early this morning (dark) and set up before 6:30 A.M.   I took this picture then.  Our property values immediately went down.  Time to leave….DSCN1110

No Newmar call.  Newmar did not call me today (Monday) like they said they would.  That’s not big surprise.  I called them but it was too late.  I thought they were two hours ahead of us but they were three hours.  I sent an email to them and they replied with a “sorry will call you tomorrow.”  I hope they realize they should include me in their decision process since I did paid for the upgrade of this roof.  I’m pretty sure they will get my thoughts before it’s over.

Mail.  I checked on line as to the whereabouts of our mail.  It was sent to the wrong friggin post office.   I tried calling the post office where it was but they wouldn’t answer the phone.  I wanted them to hold it and we would pick it up on our way north.  I called the local post office here and they said it would be here tomorrow.  Guess we will find out tomorrow.

Eating.  I had Sausage Jambalaya for breakfast, Popeyes chicken for lunch and a gilled hamburger plus for dinner.  For late snack I had popcorn with susie Q’s seasoning on it.  It’s usually used as a rub for smoking meats.DSCN1130 Steve, try it you might like it. 

We went over Steve & Laura Mulcahy for a little cookout.  Jerry & Arlyne Ray were also there.  Steve & Jerry are both RV driving instructors and we worked together in years past.   We had a real good time.  Good luck Jerry with your on going situation. DSCN1127 Thanks folks.  Oh yea….50 AMP next time…smile.

Mom Hill.  We got a got call a few hours ago (3 AM)from my Mom’s nursing home that she had been taken to the Emergency Room with chest pains.  That’s all we know so far.