Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yo Yo RV Park Owner

We have been walking about 2 miles every morning since being here.  We walk to McDonalds and get a breakfast and eat it.  We then walk back to the campground.  This morning we  surprised Denny Orr who was setting all by himself sipping on his diet soda. We sat and shared stories and then we walked back to the park. 

I noticed that they had cut the grass next to our rig.  Yepper….about a dozen plus very evident white chips down the side of the coach.  Here’s two.DSC_0001

I complained to the owner (the grass cutter) who insisted that nothing hit the coach.  I asked for him to come and looked but he wouldn’t.  He really insisted that nothing hit the coach.  Well, I guess I also now have grass growing on the side of the coach because he didn’t put it there with his Sears lawn mower.  He’s a Yo Yo.   I’ill do like some furniture places do and put brown shoe polish on the chips.  I guess they still sell shoe polish.

We went over to the Escapade registration and paid up for Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.  We can be with friends and all that stuff.  We stayed for lunch and watch the outside pet parade.  It was cute.  We made a donation CARE and left.

Later we went to dinner with Denny/Susie, Larry/Marilyn at the Golden Corral.  It was pretty good.  We stayed way after the meal since they weren’t busy and didn't need the table.

Since we didn’t pay to attend the Escapade we didn’t go to the dance party that night.  It was probably pretty good as it has in the past.

See ya……