Friday, September 14, 2012


  This AM we only walked for 50 minutes.  It was short compared to yesterday. I did see a nice orange house that I liked.DSCN1140  We then went to a restaurant called Ryan's.  It’s not the buffet Ryan's.  I saw an add in their window for a 8 oz steak & eggs for $5.99 yesterday. Here’s what it looks like. DSCN1141

It was pretty good.  Carol got her senior half waffle with strawberries & whipped cream.  The steak was not chewy and done the way I asked medium rare.  Carol said they gave her a lot of strawberries on her waffle.  This breakfast we enjoyed.

We needed to get the oil change in the Jeep and finally decided to go to the Visalia Jeep dealer here.  Their oil/filter+  change was $30 and for synthetic oil was $25 more.  The Jeep holds 6 quarts.  I went with the synthetic.  Seems very reasonable.  I think it was Pennzoil synthetic.  Now we are real good for one year or 8,000 miles.

I sent Newmar in email today saying my concerns about installing of the underdecking and then reinstalling this fiverglass roof that has been up there for several months.  It has dips in it from not being supported by the underdecking.  They’re reply was that they have already ordered another new roof to be installed and will throw this one away.  Wow…..OK…. They haven’t set a new date for this to happen but I hope it’s in October and not November.  We will find out next week sometime for sure.

Our daughter has been coming over everyday and today is her graduation later this evening.  And she graduated with honors with an AA….

BEFORE….DSC_0001 DSC_0007




Kristy is already attending classes towards her 4 year degree.  Go Girl !!!!!!

All is well……….

See ya………