Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What’s Going On

I just haven’t got the energy/urge to do a blog lately.  It seems like it became a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing.  My little medical stuff  just keeps getting in the way of our full timing.  We’ve been setting for longer than we want.  I don’t like blogging about setting but rather going down the road and seeing more friends and seeing the good old U.S. .  Yes, we got hitch itch. 

We'll be leaving Texas soon and heading for Maryland for a wedding we want to attend.   The docs want to see back in July and we agreed August would be OK.  Damn, Texas in August is hot and humid.  Oh well, the wheels get to turn before then.

The next blog will be in a couple of weeks when we start moving again.  I hope your interest remains the same for this exciting creative thoughtful entertaining and mostly BS blog.  There’s the BS!

If you can go out and RV……. do it before later life gets in the way.

See ya again of course… Dennis & Carol and our kitty Rainbow.DSC_0001

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life On Wheels & A Miracle

We’ve been living our life on wheels since June 2000.  Although we are on wheels on our home (37 footer) they haven’t moved since February due to medical  stuff…blah, blah, blah.  The camper (25 footer) wheels have moved several times and they will again this week.  I got another sleep thing this Thursday night in Conroe, Tx about 50 miles away.  We will go over to the Thousand Trails Wednesday.  Friday morning after the sleep test thing we will go to Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, La for a few nights.  Come on down if you ain’t doing nothing.  Then about two weeks after that the big wheels start to roll towards the East.  We will start to head for Maryland for a wedding we want to attend.  

Battery time.  Now I know for sure that I haven’t checked the house batteries in the camper since buying it back in September.  It’s overdue to check them for sure.  Well, I can’t check the water level unless I remove the hold down brackets for them.  If I do that, I might as well take them out and clean and paint what ever.  I removed the batteries from their box.  I had a little of that white junk on the hold down brackets and some more in the bottom of the box.  Clean/paint/protect it all.  Here are some pictures in no particular order.DSC_0001DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0008DSC_0005

When I was done the box was sanded and painted and the terminals and what ever got a coat of red protective stuff.  The batteries were out for a couple of hours and were resting at about 12.9 volts which is good.  The water level was fine and none was needed.  That was a surprise meaning usually they need water every few months normally in previous rigs.  Here in a couple of weeks they will go into storage.  I will talk about that then.

How about a wood pecker and lizard out our side RV window….DSC_0010


Oh, Don Del Rosario was a recipient of a miracle.  He was on dialysis every other day and it was permanent.  His body recovered and the doctors are saying it’s a miracle.  Well Don, congrats.  It must have been that Marine Guard Angel standing post over you when you were in that comma.  I didn’t need that Marine at the time so I let you borrow him.  You really needed him and then some.   If that Marine is finished standing his post over you, I would like him back.  I’m still getting into trouble and will need him again to guard us for sure. 

See ya……..

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nap Time


Carol takes a shower with her clothes on…no room to undress.DSC_0003

The other day in the rain we were in the car going somewhere when I noticed the car tires were skidding and sliding.  The factory 2010 Michelin tires are done on the Mariner.  We got about 40K miles on the odometer and at least another 10K or so towing.  I thought I could get another 5K miles on the tires but it’s just not safe anymore.  We went to Discount Tire where I got the tires for the camper.  The Mariner tires were still under warranty and they gave us a $92 credit for them on a new 4 tire set of Michelins.  Out the door $670 plus we got a $70 Visa card so $600 on the charge card.  It was an expense we weren’t  expecting until late 2017.  The tires are on order and will get tem next week.

We’re at TTN Thousand Trails in Conroe, TX.  Why do campgrounds put speed limit signs up when they have no enforcement of them what so ever?  Speeders everywhere and everyone to include the staff. 

We are at a normal campground.  The weekend campers were rolling in on Friday.  The hanging lights went up, carpet on the ground, bag chairs out and the fires were started.  Hey, we use to do that years ago.  Come Sunday we watched the weekenders pack it up and leave (speeding).  Sunday night was quite again.  It really never did get loud which was nice.

See ya….

Friday, April 1, 2016

April First

Well, being the first of April we decided to go RVing looking just to see what’s out there.  Nothing really different from what we have.  Plus, we’ve equipped it right for us.  Carol did realize we have a nice little 25 foot camper.

As it turns out, Carol really likes this little camper a lot.  She has decided we will go to Maryland for the wedding of our niece in our little camper in May.  THEN afterwards we will head for Alaska in this camper. 

This is our plans as of today.

See ya……