Saturday, July 14, 2018

18+ Years of RV Full Timing

We are off the road to help our son. 

We went to VA from AZ in January because he needed us then.  Now we are all in Livingston, Texas as of July.  We are on our lot living in the mobile.  It’s hot and humid here. 

The 2014 Winnebago Journey 36M will probably be going up for sale in November or so, not sure.  Our 2014 Coachmen class C is here and we will keep it for future short trips.

We had a blast living full time in our RVs and traveling around.  Did we have some rough times – sure.  It was all an adventure.  Highly recommend it for most people.  We have many stories that we’ve collected over the years like other people but most of ours are RV related.

Will the blog end?  For now, yes……….. I just can’t see doing a blog setting still…….and not RVing.

Retirement is helping someone that really needs it and at any cost.

Yours truly, Dennis & Carol Hill