Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oh No ~! New Computers…

We’ve had major computer problems (mine hacked?) the last few days or so.  We now both have new computers with Microsoft 10 and Office 2016.  It’s a monster learning curve for us.  We had major problems at first but it turned out to be Best Buy Geeks who switched our user names without telling us.  Mark has set up/transferred most files for Carol’s computer.  I’m poking along with getting my computer set up.  I finally got Office 2016 going which meant my email in Outlook is just about ready.  I down loaded Picasa.  Live Writer I’m having trouble but haven’t given up.  I finally found my Streets & Trips 2013 disc.  That I downloaded with no problems.  Next I will transfer the files for it.  The real hard spots are over.  It will all get done eventually ho hum ho hum…. but we are holding on to our old computers for now.

I got a chance to work on the 100 watt solar panels.  I installed four Z mounting brackets on each one.  I only drilled my hand one time.  I was lucky.  It was the last one.  When we get some good weather I will install them on the roof of the Class C.  After that, Mark will help me do the wiring.

Carol got some privacy curtains for our bedroom area.  That’s funny because the area isn’t that big but we now have an area to change clothes.  The bathroom would have been a struggle.  We will go out in our maiden voyage in the near future.

Our lists of “To Do” is just a little smaller.  You know the routine.  One thing scratched off and two added.  We should be just about done when it will be time to get back to visiting the USA.

See ya…..

Sunday, October 25, 2015

RVing and Rain

Numbers – In 2014 I was paying in the $3 range for diesel and quite a few close to $4.  This is not counting Canada or Alaska.  So far in 2015 we have not paid more than $3 a gallon and now even close to $2 a gallon now.  Hey, get out and go!!!~!!

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had an RV under 25 feet and none since full timing over 15 years.  Carol asked what do we do when it’s too crowded in our new (used) class C 24 footer when we use it.  I said if it does, I will just go outside.  I forgot to add a rain clause.  I will have to attempt to redo our agreement in the future.  Right now we are in our home, the 37 foot Winnebago.  Plus we have the mobile on our lot that we use for entertainment, etc..  People ask why don’t we move into the mobile.  It’s not our home.  The Winnebago is.  The mobile is nice but it’s not home.

It rained all day Sunday and early into today, Monday, and a very steady rain.  No standing around outside for sure. 

Carol and I went to Jack In the Box for breakfast.  We like it for a fast breakfast. 

We then went on down to Best Buy to pick up Carol’s new Dell.  We took our MiFi with us so we could test it.  It seems to be working fine.

No leaks in our Winnebago, none in the mobile and none in the little Class C.  All is good.

See ya………………

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pork/Rain & Computers

I pulled one of two pork butts out of the smoker (195 degrees) at about 2 PM Friday.  That’s about 22 hours in the smoker.  I wrapped it in foil then a towel then into the cooler for later.

We had a few Escapees Hq people for a small get together.  They loved the Mesquite smoke pulled pork.  It was a real nice small gathering.

The second pork came out of the smoker about 7 PM.  I wrapped it in foil then a towel and it went into the cooler.

The next morning (Sat) about 7 AM I took the last pork out of the cooler.  It was still warm.  It went into the freezer waiting for the next occasion.

After all of that we went to the Best Buy down in Houston Saturday.  We got Carol another computer.  It’s a Dell and has the same RAM and all that except the processor is an Intel 7 vice a 5 plus it had Windows 10 too.  Same price.  We went ahead and got Quicken and Office 2016.  Yes Office 2016.  We left the setup with them so they could install/update the Windows 10 and install the other programs.

Carol’s other new computer, Toshiba, seems alright for the time being.  Friday Mark dumped everything on it that we installed and put it back to the beginning.  Well, I now have added Picasa on it.  Then downloaded a few pictures with no problem.  I go on the internet with it and it worked fine.  Here’s what didn’t work before.  We moved 2003 Office files on to the computer.  Then we loaded a 2002 Office (yes 2002) and the Windows 10 couldn’t, wouldn’t process all this and the computer went bananas.  Mark said it should have worked.  So, that’s why Mark made the computer go back to it’s starting point.

I can’t find my Street’s and Trips 2013 disk to install.  Plus, I saw it two days ago and now can’t find it.  Carol’s new/old Toshiba now becomes mine and the new Dell is hers.  She’s happy so I'm happy.

It’s been raining pretty steady and heavy for the past 12 hours.  Being in an RV you can tell how hard the rain is by the loudness it makes on the roof.  It’s been very noticeable all night.  I slept thru it and Carol has/had a pretty rough time.  Houston got over 8 inches of rain overnight.

That be it for now…

See ya………..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

RVs & Weather

Sunday we along with other four RVs are going to Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.  Well, it might not happen.  The weather is going to be bad – rain and winds because of two fronts maybe a third are going to gather in southern Texas and Louisiana.  That’s us.  We will wait till later today to make a final decision. 

The pork is in the smoker just cooking away that fat and replacing it with smoke and flavor.

Lunch time Carol & I went to La Colona Mexican restaurant and met up with some of the Escapees Hq people.  It was fun as usual.

See ya….

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting er Done

I moved the RV tow bar from the Winnebago to the little RV.  I carried it about 50 feet.  What a friggin mistake.  It was about 49 feet too far.  My back is so sore now.  I’m not suppose to take Ibuprofen because of my other meds.   Think I will anyhow.

Here comes the rain.  It will be raining when we leave for Betty’s in Abbeville, LA Sunday and it will rain for a couple of days while we are there.  Hey, got to learn to deal with the rain while in the little RV anyway.  I don’t think I was going to play tennis or golf while there anyhow so it won’t matter a whole bunch.

Carol noticed when she was driving the Mariner long distance that the dash was very reflective on sunny days.  We ordered a black dash cover and it came in yesterday.  It fits real good and appears to have gotten rid of the reflection from the dash to the window.  Hey, $40 bucks what a deal.

We got to take the Winnebago to an inspection station so we can get it registered for another year.  We also got to take the little RV but have more time with it.

Gas is holding at about $1.88 a gallon while diesel is at $2.04 in the local area here.  Some stations a little higher but most around those prices.

The smoker is primed and ready.  I got two pork butts marinating and will go into the smoker Thursday afternoon.

The solar panels appear to be in at the Escapees Mail Room.  I will get them after 1 PM Thursday.  They will go into the barn for now.  No rush getting them set up.

See ya………

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Whose’ Got Hot Air

I wanted to get the air adjusted better on the rear tires and air bags.  I had to borrow an air gauge to check the inside rear duals.  I call it a trucker air gauge.  I lowered the tire pressure from 80 PSI down to about 68 PSI or so.  The air bags are different PSI.  I lowered the left down to about 25 PSI and the right side down to about 70 PSI.  Yes, that’s a lot of difference bit it’s OK according to the instructions.  I filled the fresh water tank (50 gal) and it’s on the right side over the tires.  Plus the right side sags to begin with.  Now it sets nice and level.  Hope the ride is better on our trip down to Betty’s this Sunday.

I tried to put on the wheel simulators.  I think I need an engineering degree to put these babies on.  I got down on my butt and held the simulator with my feet while kicking it around the edges.  Then I would tap it with a rubber hammer.  No go.  I think I will wait until after I get and install the Crossfire air pressure do hickeys. 

By now it was time to go to work.  Yes, work.  I was the unofficial beer sample hander outer at the Oktoberfest lunch.  Business was slow.  I guess people don’t like Busch or Keystone.  I didn’t sample the merchandise today.  Still trying to recover from the same job yesterday.  After that hard work I had to go and catch a nap.

Got the mail and in it was our Fantastic Fan.  Not the fancy one.  It’s just above the plain Jane one and has reversible wind.  Carol wishes I had reversible wind sometimes.

See ya………………..

Monday, October 19, 2015

RV Air Bags

I got the Class C back from West RV Repair.  They fixed the spring and installed the very heavy duty Air Lift air bags on the rear axles.  The rig sets very level now and I can put air in what ever side I need to.  I haven’t checked the air pressure yet but I think they are too high.  The tire pressures are too high too at 80 PSI.  They should be at 65 PSI according to the door label.  Anyhow, the little puddle jumper rode like a Mack truck.  I will check and readjust the air the next few days to soften the ride.

Oktoberfest is going on here in the park.  The theme is Redneck.  Most of us people didn’t have to get dressed up that much.  The evening music/dance turn out was pretty good.  I was told the ribs from  Florida's were pretty good.  The last two times we got ribs at Florida's they were dry.  Glad they got better.

I made reservations at the famous Betty's RV Park  down in Abbeville, LA for this Sunday thru Tuesday nights.  Their will be five rigs going down to Betty’s web as a group.  It will be a hoot.

It’s suppose to rain very heavy here the tail end of this week.  Some storm coming up from the south.  Oh well…….

See ya……..

Sunday, October 18, 2015

New (used) Stumpy RV

OK, I’ve been told that I need to catch up on my blog and more of them.  OK, let’s see how that goes.

Carol & I are back in LivingstonDSC_0114 until the end of December……kinda.  We are hoping to get some short trips in the little RV before we leave in December.

Little RV update.  It’s a 2014 Freelander Class C (22QB) that measures 24 feet long.  It has a permanent queen bed.  I’ve been working on it and it’s coming along pretty fast.  Before I picked it up from Lazydays it had three new Michelin tires, new AC, two new house batteries, new TV, new CD player, found the table that went in it, the frig wasn’t getting cold and Lazydays fixed, a new slide out motor and a few other little things…. they were glad to get rid of me.  The RV is not a rental.  I found some work orders on it from the previous owner which included a new awning, and a rear camera and side cameras. It’s a nice set up. 

Anyhow, I just put three more new Michelins on it for less than $400 out the door which was a great deal.  I just didn’t trust the original tires.  They had 30K miles on them but they looked like they all were ran excessively under pressure which caused cracking at the tread and sidewall.  Nice warranty that discount Tires honored. 

It appears the previous owners might have hit a curb and did some damaged to the right rear spring.  It goes into the shop Monday to get that fixed and install rear air bags.

Got it weighed since it was empty and it’s looking real good.  I’m 600 lbs shy up front and 2,000 lbs in the rear.  Side to side weight is nice.  So, looking real good in the weight department with a 2,600 lbs for cargo including water.

My stainless steel wheel simulators came in from Lazydays (free) finally.  They really are sharp looking.  I will install them when the rig comes back from the repair shop.DSC_0115

I took off the other beat up cheap hub caps.  We will run it to Alaska 2017 without any wheel covers like this.DSC_0116

Three 100 watt mono solar panels are on order.  I have a solar controller (500 watt).  I got a 1600 watt inverter from Butch Ford.  Plus I have some wire from previous installations than can be used also.

I want to get some automatic front tire balancers too.  Probably Centrantics (sp).

I’m tearing into the TV/CD player wiring.  Lazydays or somebody really did some jerry rigging.  It had broken wires, wires that went no where, etc.  DSC_0117 I’m gonna take out the new TV(tiny)/CD player.  I have an older but doable bigger TV with the CD player in it that I will try to install.

I have stored away extra sewer lines (new), electrical cable and water filters/hoses.  So that’s really nice.

So that’s about it for now.

See ya……

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hold On – One More Time…

OK, I got back to Livingston, TX with the New used “little” RV.  No problems.  Will there was one but that’s another story I'll tell later when we get back to Livingston, TX.  It has to go into the repair shop.  Think about that.

Now it’s time to get back to Baltimore with Carol’s brother’s (Steven) car.  It’s 1,380 miles.  I leave Livingston 8 AM yesterday (Tues) morning Eastern time.  I arrived back in Baltimore (Columbia) 8 AM Eastern time.  That was a piece of cake.  An old moldy one.  You do the math.  I’m too tired.

See ya….

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Almost Done - - Again

Since 13 Sept to yesterday I have driven 4,700 miles in various vehicles and configurations.  During this time I sold or traded all MY toys (Jeep, Harley trike and trailer).  I still got another 1,400 miles to Baltimore.  Then drive the Journey (& Carol riding along now) back to Livingston for another 1,400 miles.  Grand total of 7,500 miles in about a month in 16 different states I think.  AND no Dr’s, ER’s or hospitals on this adventure.

I have (really we) one toy now.  It’s a 2014 Coachmen 22 QB Freelander that measures a little over 24 feet.  It’s on a Ford E-350 Super Duty chassis with a V10.  It has a net carry capacity of 2, 000 lbs, 55 gal fuel tank, 50 fresh water with black & grey tanks total of 60 gallons for them two.  It also has a 4K Onan generator.  Wait, there’s more…..nah.  It’s just a simple class C for camping not living in.  It will go into places that none of our other RVs could go.  This could open up a new adventure for us.  So on, so on, so on and so on….

Here it is in it’s new home.  DSCN0959

Anyone got a name for this youngen?

See ya……….