Sunday, October 25, 2015

RVing and Rain

Numbers – In 2014 I was paying in the $3 range for diesel and quite a few close to $4.  This is not counting Canada or Alaska.  So far in 2015 we have not paid more than $3 a gallon and now even close to $2 a gallon now.  Hey, get out and go!!!~!!

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had an RV under 25 feet and none since full timing over 15 years.  Carol asked what do we do when it’s too crowded in our new (used) class C 24 footer when we use it.  I said if it does, I will just go outside.  I forgot to add a rain clause.  I will have to attempt to redo our agreement in the future.  Right now we are in our home, the 37 foot Winnebago.  Plus we have the mobile on our lot that we use for entertainment, etc..  People ask why don’t we move into the mobile.  It’s not our home.  The Winnebago is.  The mobile is nice but it’s not home.

It rained all day Sunday and early into today, Monday, and a very steady rain.  No standing around outside for sure. 

Carol and I went to Jack In the Box for breakfast.  We like it for a fast breakfast. 

We then went on down to Best Buy to pick up Carol’s new Dell.  We took our MiFi with us so we could test it.  It seems to be working fine.

No leaks in our Winnebago, none in the mobile and none in the little Class C.  All is good.

See ya………………