Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Whose’ Got Hot Air

I wanted to get the air adjusted better on the rear tires and air bags.  I had to borrow an air gauge to check the inside rear duals.  I call it a trucker air gauge.  I lowered the tire pressure from 80 PSI down to about 68 PSI or so.  The air bags are different PSI.  I lowered the left down to about 25 PSI and the right side down to about 70 PSI.  Yes, that’s a lot of difference bit it’s OK according to the instructions.  I filled the fresh water tank (50 gal) and it’s on the right side over the tires.  Plus the right side sags to begin with.  Now it sets nice and level.  Hope the ride is better on our trip down to Betty’s this Sunday.

I tried to put on the wheel simulators.  I think I need an engineering degree to put these babies on.  I got down on my butt and held the simulator with my feet while kicking it around the edges.  Then I would tap it with a rubber hammer.  No go.  I think I will wait until after I get and install the Crossfire air pressure do hickeys. 

By now it was time to go to work.  Yes, work.  I was the unofficial beer sample hander outer at the Oktoberfest lunch.  Business was slow.  I guess people don’t like Busch or Keystone.  I didn’t sample the merchandise today.  Still trying to recover from the same job yesterday.  After that hard work I had to go and catch a nap.

Got the mail and in it was our Fantastic Fan.  Not the fancy one.  It’s just above the plain Jane one and has reversible wind.  Carol wishes I had reversible wind sometimes.

See ya………………..