Sunday, October 18, 2015

New (used) Stumpy RV

OK, I’ve been told that I need to catch up on my blog and more of them.  OK, let’s see how that goes.

Carol & I are back in LivingstonDSC_0114 until the end of December……kinda.  We are hoping to get some short trips in the little RV before we leave in December.

Little RV update.  It’s a 2014 Freelander Class C (22QB) that measures 24 feet long.  It has a permanent queen bed.  I’ve been working on it and it’s coming along pretty fast.  Before I picked it up from Lazydays it had three new Michelin tires, new AC, two new house batteries, new TV, new CD player, found the table that went in it, the frig wasn’t getting cold and Lazydays fixed, a new slide out motor and a few other little things…. they were glad to get rid of me.  The RV is not a rental.  I found some work orders on it from the previous owner which included a new awning, and a rear camera and side cameras. It’s a nice set up. 

Anyhow, I just put three more new Michelins on it for less than $400 out the door which was a great deal.  I just didn’t trust the original tires.  They had 30K miles on them but they looked like they all were ran excessively under pressure which caused cracking at the tread and sidewall.  Nice warranty that discount Tires honored. 

It appears the previous owners might have hit a curb and did some damaged to the right rear spring.  It goes into the shop Monday to get that fixed and install rear air bags.

Got it weighed since it was empty and it’s looking real good.  I’m 600 lbs shy up front and 2,000 lbs in the rear.  Side to side weight is nice.  So, looking real good in the weight department with a 2,600 lbs for cargo including water.

My stainless steel wheel simulators came in from Lazydays (free) finally.  They really are sharp looking.  I will install them when the rig comes back from the repair shop.DSC_0115

I took off the other beat up cheap hub caps.  We will run it to Alaska 2017 without any wheel covers like this.DSC_0116

Three 100 watt mono solar panels are on order.  I have a solar controller (500 watt).  I got a 1600 watt inverter from Butch Ford.  Plus I have some wire from previous installations than can be used also.

I want to get some automatic front tire balancers too.  Probably Centrantics (sp).

I’m tearing into the TV/CD player wiring.  Lazydays or somebody really did some jerry rigging.  It had broken wires, wires that went no where, etc.  DSC_0117 I’m gonna take out the new TV(tiny)/CD player.  I have an older but doable bigger TV with the CD player in it that I will try to install.

I have stored away extra sewer lines (new), electrical cable and water filters/hoses.  So that’s really nice.

So that’s about it for now.

See ya……