Monday, October 19, 2015

RV Air Bags

I got the Class C back from West RV Repair.  They fixed the spring and installed the very heavy duty Air Lift air bags on the rear axles.  The rig sets very level now and I can put air in what ever side I need to.  I haven’t checked the air pressure yet but I think they are too high.  The tire pressures are too high too at 80 PSI.  They should be at 65 PSI according to the door label.  Anyhow, the little puddle jumper rode like a Mack truck.  I will check and readjust the air the next few days to soften the ride.

Oktoberfest is going on here in the park.  The theme is Redneck.  Most of us people didn’t have to get dressed up that much.  The evening music/dance turn out was pretty good.  I was told the ribs from  Florida's were pretty good.  The last two times we got ribs at Florida's they were dry.  Glad they got better.

I made reservations at the famous Betty's RV Park  down in Abbeville, LA for this Sunday thru Tuesday nights.  Their will be five rigs going down to Betty’s web as a group.  It will be a hoot.

It’s suppose to rain very heavy here the tail end of this week.  Some storm coming up from the south.  Oh well…….

See ya……..