Sunday, October 4, 2015

Almost Done - - Again

Since 13 Sept to yesterday I have driven 4,700 miles in various vehicles and configurations.  During this time I sold or traded all MY toys (Jeep, Harley trike and trailer).  I still got another 1,400 miles to Baltimore.  Then drive the Journey (& Carol riding along now) back to Livingston for another 1,400 miles.  Grand total of 7,500 miles in about a month in 16 different states I think.  AND no Dr’s, ER’s or hospitals on this adventure.

I have (really we) one toy now.  It’s a 2014 Coachmen 22 QB Freelander that measures a little over 24 feet.  It’s on a Ford E-350 Super Duty chassis with a V10.  It has a net carry capacity of 2, 000 lbs, 55 gal fuel tank, 50 fresh water with black & grey tanks total of 60 gallons for them two.  It also has a 4K Onan generator.  Wait, there’s more…..nah.  It’s just a simple class C for camping not living in.  It will go into places that none of our other RVs could go.  This could open up a new adventure for us.  So on, so on, so on and so on….

Here it is in it’s new home.  DSCN0959

Anyone got a name for this youngen?

See ya……….