Saturday, August 22, 2009

Until we meet again…

Since we are going to be moving to our relatives our blog will not be everyday.  We will have 50 AMP FHU next to a garage.  It isn’t that bad of course but I can only mention it on the blog so many times which will be seldom.  If we go somewhere that might be of some interest, we will post it.  Otherwise, see ya….

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gordonsville Coast to Coast

I saw this black bumblebee at a rest area. I never noticed a black one before.  Does this count for stopping long enough to “smell the roses”?DSC_0008

Here is our site in Gordonsville, VA.  It’s a Coast to Coast.  One of the best we seen for a Coast to Coast park.  We will stay here for four nights with Carol’s two brothers.  Each are RVers and have their own rigs.DSC_0012



An Eagle fan asked which picture of a Bald Eagle was my favorite.  This is it hands down.  I use it for my desk top background.  You can see the veins in his eyes.  It’s so cool!!!  If anyone wants a higher pixel picture sent to them let me know.picasabackground

See Ya……..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chp 36 Two Days before Rally

Well, Denny & Susie ORR finally found some place they could call their own.   Of course, Orrville.  Who would have thought.  It’s a nice little town close to Wooster where we are for Chp 36 Red Neck Rally this Friday thru Sunday. DSC_0002

Hello Mr Smucker.  No, it just don’t sound right.DSC_0049


Can’t leave Denny Orr and Carol alone for a moment.  Their really getting into that toilet.  Pun is intended.



Rednecks are starting to show their true colors.DSC_0071


Of course, he had a rebel flag flying above his trailer.DSC_0072


They said the dirty undies are coming out Friday and that they are working on them at present. Oh NO !DSC_0073

Carol finally got her little man that glows in the dark.  I guess I am out because I don’t glow in the dark.  I just fumble around !DSC_0094

This was only a very few people that were out. It’s 9 PM and they are talking some red neck trash for this weekend.  It’s two days before the rally and they have 31 rigs already.  They’re expecting 40 rigs to show.  Hey, it’s already a success.  Some are now expecting to go to the Gypsy Journal Rally next month and show off their red neck collection.  Hey, maybe they can go on tour and then overseas and then….who knows where these red necks can go.  Most people know where they can go! GRIN……..


Tomorrow it’s a early start to do 500 miles to Gordonsville, VA. 

See Ya………….

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orr’s RV & Chpt 36 Pre Rally

Isn’t this a nice looking 10 year old rig.  It shines a lot more than our 08 Farton.  Folks, this is a nice looking paint job.  I think Jose at Earl Schrieb did it.  It’s a 1999 Ultimate Advantage and the proud original owners are Denny & Susie Orr.  Job well done !!DSC_0006

REAL NICE……………… it goes with Denny’s yellow shirts. NOT!!!DSC_0007

4 o’clock social was well and fine three days before the rally.  DSC_0011



They already got some red neck trailers here that I will show tomorrow.  I think these people put the red in red neck…..

See Ya……..

Monday, August 17, 2009


Monday (17 Aug) morning it was raining pretty hard.  We decided to stay another day at Elkhart Campground.  Looks like the famous Shipshewana Flea Marker will be a wash out for tomorrow.  Al least the rig is getting a good rinse.  We haven’t been in a rain or even a wash this good.  All that dust should be gone for the most part.  Looks like we will go meet Denny & Susie Orr, Escapees Chapter/VCR Directors in Ohio tomorrow (Tues).DSC_0034


Sunday (16 Aug) was cookout day.  We cooked Halibut cheeks that we got in Homer, Alaska.  You know, nobody knew for sure if they were face cheeks or butt cheeks.  DSC_0023


This is Bill Joyce and Diane Melde.   Bill is trying to figure out where the cheeks were from.DSC_0024

This is Ron & Brenda Speidel.  They arrived at the campground during the cookout.  I think they enjoyed having dinner ready for them, even if they were the cheeks of a fish.  They will be in charge of parking at Nick’s Rally in Celina in September.DSC_0028


Terry is the better half of Nick Russell.  Right about now she is saying, “ Fish cheeks, I’m not sure about this.”  DSC_0026


OK, which one is Nick?DSC_0030

Time to go catch a nap before some long night hours trying to get the Gypsy Journal Newspaper ready for print.DSC_0031


When we arrived Saturday (15 Aug) at the Elkhart Campground, this RV was moving out.  It was being delivered somewhere.  Maybe at the RV Museum here in Elkhart.  It was a real clean oldie and was looking good.  It was on a flatbed of a transporter not a tow truck.DSC_0019


Friday (14 Aug)

This is Ron and JerriLea Hopf.  We by passed Wisconsin Dells when we got their invitation to visit them. They were a few more miles down the road near the small city of Congress, IL.  They volunteered to work at a church retreat over the summer.  This area was their old stomping grounds.  They were very familiar with the retreat in years past.  DSC_0015

This turkey was already trying to find a hiding place for November.  He was on a diet too.DSC_0007

This was over several days as you can see.  I think we are suffering from jet lag due to all the time zones from Alaska.  We just have gotten into a Eastern Time Zone routine yet.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lue Reed

Lue Reed, beloved wife of Dick, and friends to all that met here, passed away this morning. 

She always would tell you, “Isn’t this a great life?” and she meant it with all of her heart.   She could make you smile at the dearest things.  She was always looking for her little dog, Darlin.  “Have you seen Darlin? ” was a pretty sweet question she had for everybody.

These are some pictures that we think she would like.DSC_0361 DSC_0356


Lue, to answer your question, “Isn’t this a great life?”, Yes and yours was a special greatness.  Lue, you will be missed by all us that knew you.

Good bye sweetheart……..

Dick’s email address is

Thursday, August 13, 2009

600 mile day

We left at 6:15 AM to beat the heat.  Needless to say we got a pretty sun up.



Unusual clouds..DSC_0017


No idea…….



That’s a cow in the distance.  Probably puts out a lot of milk…. or it’s a lot of bull !DSC_0003


They grow things pretty big in North Dakota I think.DSC_0004


This was a buffalo farm and they claimed to have a white buffalo….DSC_0005

I guess you can say this truck driver was just “winging it.”



They need to turn these things on to lower the temps.DSC_0010


I guess she got tired of reading….DSC_0013

Sunflowers ?DSC_0014

In case you missed it the first time…DSC_0015

Tomorrow we should be at a Coast to Coast park called Christmas Mountain at Wisconsin Dells.  Not sure about Wi-Fi there. I know they got a lot of trees.

See Ya.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bad Start–Good Ending Day & Roosevelt Nat Pk

BAD, BAD, BAD……Last night after we parked for the night at the closed weigh station I did a walk around inspection like I always do.  What I found blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it.  The Honda tow bar bracket (attached to the Honda) moved 2 inches up/down when I checked it.  It is not suppose to move at all, since it’s attached permanently behind the front end to the car frame.  It was dark and nothing could be done.  I had a hard time sleeping.  The next morning at 6 AM I decided to take the front end off the car – it’s just fiberglass and I had my $14.95 tool kit from the Pep Boys Auto store.  I got the front end off.  The bracket was suppose to have 8 blots/nuts.  It had only 7 and one of them was just setting there.  That left 6.  ALL were so loose that the entire bracket was moving up/down with a slight hand lift.  It was just about ready to pull off. I know it would not have gone 10 miles.  This type of bracket the tow safety chains are hooked to it.  Also, the emergency brake away switch is attached to it.  It other words, going down the road if the bracket gave away to the loose bolts, the entire bracket and front end would have pulled away from the car.  The car would not stop rolling.  That could have been a very bad accident to say the very least.  VERY BAD experience.  That’s an adventure that we know happened to friends of ours.  They were lucky – they just lost a car over a cliff.  I tighten the bolts and put the front end back on.  Needless to say I checked it several times and it appears to be OK for now.  Near future plans include to replace the nuts and blots and use locking nuts.  Why the installer would not use them on something like this is irresponsible in my back yard mechanic mind.  As a matter of fact, they should have been spot welded. 


As we get near Medora and Roosevelt Nat Pk the hills starting growing grass.  It’s friggin hot here too.DSC_0118

Then as we get off the exit for Medora, the community made sure we would see these elk.  That was a nice way to welcome us.DSC_0004

Then we went over to the Nat Pk and saw some buffalo and prairie dogs with no problem.  Evidently they all heard we had a rough morning so they all came out to great us.  DSC_0019


Peek a boo…DSC_0073


Mommy, mommy who are these important people.  Oh, they’re just tourists who had a bad morning.  Look good for them.  Stay near me. They will probably put us on their blog.DSC_0104


Of course there is always one in the group and he stuck his tongue out at us.  He was the grand poopa.DSC_0026

I'm telling you, don’t get out of that car.DSC_0089


Here they come everybody.  Give them that Kodak moment.DSC_0053


What did he say?DSC_0048


I’m leaving – just another tourist.DSC_0063


You think they might like me like this?DSC_0068


Let’s leave the tourist alone before the Ranger gets after  us again.  Yea, you’re right.  Bye Dennis & Carol.  We hope we made your day better now. Thanks for visiting us.DSC_0112


And then we went back to our 50 AMP with 2 ACs.  It’s friggin hot here.  Oh we got one good campfire story at the campground.  Just remind me about the guy that asked where we were located.  It started a campground thing and someone wanted someone to kiss someone’s behind and from there it got a moonie. Yes, moonie at the campground – just remind us when you see us.  Anyhow, depart tomorrow and stay somewhere in Minnesota.

See Ya………..