Thursday, August 13, 2009

600 mile day

We left at 6:15 AM to beat the heat.  Needless to say we got a pretty sun up.



Unusual clouds..DSC_0017


No idea…….



That’s a cow in the distance.  Probably puts out a lot of milk…. or it’s a lot of bull !DSC_0003


They grow things pretty big in North Dakota I think.DSC_0004


This was a buffalo farm and they claimed to have a white buffalo….DSC_0005

I guess you can say this truck driver was just “winging it.”



They need to turn these things on to lower the temps.DSC_0010


I guess she got tired of reading….DSC_0013

Sunflowers ?DSC_0014

In case you missed it the first time…DSC_0015

Tomorrow we should be at a Coast to Coast park called Christmas Mountain at Wisconsin Dells.  Not sure about Wi-Fi there. I know they got a lot of trees.

See Ya.

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