Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a night

Last night was one of those nights you don’t like to have too often. Last night we woke to howling winds.  It was like the Santa Ana winds and the winds of Yuma combined and came through.  It was still light out but the fire smoke was very dense and it smelled like Smoky The Bear was sleeping with us.  We closed the slides and watched.  We thought we might have been near one of the fires.  The smoke/smell was worse than that of Fairbanks by a lot.  We watched out the windows for fire or hot ambers.  None.  We watched for any traffic on the Alcan Hwy.  None.  That’s good and bad.  Did they close the road or what. It had us going.  We didn’t want to leave because we didn’t know which way to go.  No TV, no radio, no contact with the outside world.  My friends, this is Alaska and you can be on your own up here pretty easy.  Hours later we went to sleep not feeling real comfortable but tiredness took over.  Next morning the winds had died down but still windy. The smoke was still around but you could see better for sure.  We left our little spot for someone else to enjoy.  We drove a big 48 miles and are a nice rest area.  The last hour I counted 4 vehicles go by.  It must be rush hour.

The Alcan Hwy from Fairbanks to Tok is a real good road.  Traffic is very light during the day and scarce if any at night.  It’s a comfortable road to drive.  A lot of people like to make time on this road. and it’s very possible.  Why rush to Tok, there’s nothing there.  Why rush to Fairbanks unless you want to see Santa and just another city.   We like to just drive along and enjoy the scenery even though it’s a little smoky.  I also got a reflection off the windshield as you can see.





This is our view to our left out of the rig.  A little smoky but still nice.



Paved rest area with openings on both ends.  Yes, we know we shouldn’t have our jacks or slides out.  Hey, it’s not Wal-mart and they make pavement a lot thicker up here.DSC_0011

They got trails around which we will adventure on later on.  Maybe even down to the river.  We will spend the night here.  The sun is trying to come out to cook our solar panels a little.  Tomorrow (Sunday) we go about 30 miles into Tok and stay at a campground.  We got several to choose from.  We might stay at Tok RV Park.  Terrilu and Craig with the Military Campers are due in.  They are just coming into Alaska and maybe we can share some adventures.

See Yaaaa.

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