Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gordonsville Coast to Coast

I saw this black bumblebee at a rest area. I never noticed a black one before.  Does this count for stopping long enough to “smell the roses”?DSC_0008

Here is our site in Gordonsville, VA.  It’s a Coast to Coast.  One of the best we seen for a Coast to Coast park.  We will stay here for four nights with Carol’s two brothers.  Each are RVers and have their own rigs.DSC_0012



An Eagle fan asked which picture of a Bald Eagle was my favorite.  This is it hands down.  I use it for my desk top background.  You can see the veins in his eyes.  It’s so cool!!!  If anyone wants a higher pixel picture sent to them let me know.picasabackground

See Ya……..

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