Monday, August 10, 2009

Bow Valley and Lethbridge

Here’s the provincial park we stayed at in Bow Valley Sunday night.  We chased the rain clouds and never did catch them.  Rig needs a wash, car needs a wash, Carol & I took care of our wash.  She wouldn’t let me wash her though.  The park was not too crowded.  The next day we found out that there was a casino just down the road with a lot of RV’s on the back lot. DSC_0005


Carol talked me into one THOSE short walks.  It was marked 3/4 of a mile.DSC_0013


This was a river near the trail.  If you look hard you can find a RV with the perfect site, if you don’t drink too much.DSC_0007

Carol called these willow berries.  I call them pretty.DSC_0009


Carol called this fireweed.  I thought fireweed was red.  Just when I thought I knew something..Oh well..DSC_0010


A woodpecker did this or a very tall wood carver.DSC_0011

After an hour of a SHORT walk I saw a way out.  The steps went up to a field next to a road that went back to the campground.  I was gone and Carol followed.DSC_0014

Monday we drove thru Calgary.  Looks like any other city to us.  Not very interesting after being up north.DSC_0023


These people believe in power evidently.DSC_0024

This is a college in Lethbridge.  It’s in the side of a hill.  That was pretty cool.  Did it make tuition any cheaper I wonder.DSC_0027


This is what I call a Texas dog run…..sign says no leash.  You know they still wanted you to pick up the poo.  What's wrong with that?  I am all for dog owners picking up after their dog but come on….DSC_0028


This is our site at Bridgeview Campground for Monday night.  FHU 50 AMP $10.63 for Coast to Coast members.  Yes, I cleaned the front of the RV like I almost do everyday.  I even put a super size Escapees decal on finally.  The other decal came off in Dawson Creek when I power washed the windshield.  That was a real good power wash.DSC_0031

Tomorrow we cross over into the USA at Sweetgrass, MT and our first stop is a fuel stop in Shelby, MT.  We hang a left and go east heading for Elkhart, IN along with a few little stops along the way.  We told Terry and Nick Russell we would cook them up some Halibut from Homer, Alaska.  Nick is the editor of the Gypsy Journal magazine and his blog can be found at  Take a look.  They are having a rally in Celina, OH towards the end of September that we are planning to attend.  It’s going to be a real blast.

See Ya……….

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