Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cassiar Hwy 1st night

We decided (Carol) we could go a little further.  On the way we ran into some horses or almost did.  Strike one. DSC_0008


Then we came upon these two bicyclists' after we toped over a hill.  Strike two.DSC_0014


There will be no strike three while driving.  We decided that was enough entertainment for an hour’s drive.  We stopped at this wayside.  This picture is out our front window andDSC_0020

this one is out Carol’s window.  We only opened up the passenger side slide outs.  That’s all the room we need.  There is room for others.  At 9 PM traffic is non existent so it’s very doubtful.  OR maybe because I’m setting outside in a dirty white Walgreen’s $4.99 lawn chair in my tiger stripped speedo thong baiting suit drinking a generic beer.  Hope you can not visualize that for your sake.DSC_0021

Tomorrow is BEAR GETS TO MEET THE “WHALE” lens up close and not personal!  Carol says, “YEA, a campground.”

See Ya….

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