Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Behind The Power Curve

I’m way behind the power curve.  Today (yesterday)will be posted later or maybe not at all. I played too much today and have to do double time tomorrow before 9AM.  I do have some great pictures of everybody having fun. Read Nick’s blog gypsyjournal.net/blog  to get an idea of how to have fun at a rally.  It’s kinda X rated…

See ya….

Monday, August 30, 2010

Business or Fun

Some Goshen people went kayaking yesterday and we didn’t get invited.  We sure wanted to go, especially Carol.  I thought we would have been invited but that’s what I get for thinking.  I have been told that I sometimes expect to much of people. I need to lower my expectations of others, sniffle, sniffle. Today I was getting annoying phone calls from Goshen trying to explain something about kayaking.  Hey, it speaks for itself. Business outings and fun outings, it was evidently business. Think I will go rejoin the Moan & Groan Club.

While I’m on this road of moaning.  Elkhart Campground.  Today I finished paying over $500 for 19 days here at the Elkhart Campground. They wouldn’t let me get a monthly rate of $400 (30 Amp FHU) when I checked in.  Two of my instructors got it.  Elkhart Campground – get me once but no way in hell will you get me twice.  There are too many campgrounds out here in the RV World.  I will go out of my way to avoid Elkhart Campground – phooey on you. The water is piss poor here too– brownish and stinks.

RVers have been rolling in this weekend for the Gypsy Journal Rally.  They’re late.  The party started a couple of weeks ago.  I think they can catch up real quick. Nick got us our booth like he promised. We got our only little place.  We don’t have to worry about dirty old men either.DSC_0002

Inside it looks like this.  We’re almost finished setting up.DSC_0004

The day went pretty dog on good.   The fun continued  and how.  I didn’t get anymore pictures because I was doing other things and was afraid I might set my camera down and forget it.  Haven’t yet but I don’t want to experience the first time.  At the gift give away that evening everybody had a blast.  The crowd was really involved in having fun and that’s the name of the game. I used and monitored my Fender sound system for the event and I didn’t do too bad if I say say myself.  I blew out a few ear drums but that’s why hearing aids are available. It was fun.  Nick gave me the one and only bright orange Gypsy Journal T-shirt during the give aways.  The crowd loved it and said it went with my orange shoes.  Thanks Nick.  Pictures to follow tomorrow. I wonder if this is business or fun, it’s both.…….

This is a grass roots rally and it’s really so cool.

See ya…….

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Many Years ?!

Congratulations to Frank & Marlene (40 years) and Denny & Susie Orr (46 years) for working through the rough times and enjoying the good times.DSC_0018

Now that you said you didn’t know that.  Give them a call and your congrats – go ahead “just do it.” Go ahead……they desrve it.  OR send them money… DSC_0022

We’re waiting for the cook.DSC_0013

We all had steak and I wasn’t fast enough after they were cooked.  Left over's are only visible.DSC_0017  

Denny served his bride a piece of cake.DSC_0029

Who could not love this kind and gentle person.DSC_0030

Attendees and vendors are rolling in.DSC_0048

These window shades are so cool (pun intended).DSC_0001 

“Where am I ?”DSC_0005



Nick is doing physical work and Terry is watching for a change.  That’s cool.  Oh yea, Terry fell twice today but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.  I think she was testing me.  She fell, got up so quick she fell again and even got up quicker.  She’s fine but was really embarrassed for sure. Tell her you saw her fall and watch how red she gets. Nick you might have to get her a massage. DSC_0032

“Nick you can’t have your Celina shirt back. How do you like my pet bug in my ear ?”DSC_0038

“Nick, where’s my booth and table?”DSC_0041

“It’s not here.”DSC_0044

“It’s not over here” DSC_0040

“Dennis, I told you I will find you a booth.”DSC_0008

I think I got a girl that is missing these from Friday’s blog.DSC_0046

A little bit of everything. I would say his and her doors.DSC_0047 

See ya……

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Normal again

My eyebrows don’t need trimming.DSC_0025-1

Penny for your thoughts.DSC_0042-1

These guys escaped from their honeys – after they got permission.DSC_0043-1

“Hey guys we don’t have anyone to order our food for us  - where’s that 1 pound BLT.”DSC_0044-1

The girls are back playing…..DSC_0048-1

Now this is how you close an evening – good wine and a good woman.  Well, at least a good woman.DSC_0049-1

Families that ride together – RV together….. DSC_0053-1

All’s quite on the western front.DSC_0050-1

See ya………….

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have to call in sick.  I prepare this in the morning after the day it’s wrote for.  It’s really Saturday AM right now.  The last two plus days I've been under the weather but  was fighting it off.  Last night about 6 PM I lost the war and was sick as a coon dog eating three month old dead horse. Whew, I think I’m on the down hill side now.  Anyway, my brain is a little more mushy than normal so I will wait and update this post later today or tomorrow. I got some neat pictures that need that special comment to go with so I will wait.

OK I’m back.  Nick what's going on?


Never mind….


DSC_0008 DSC_0011 I don’t think she wanted her picture taken.


Another happy couple.DSC_0023

“We are having an Escapade – aren’t we? Can I stay with these guys – pretty please I'll be good.”DSC_0027

I don’t want to go back!!!!!DSC_0062

Come on poopsy..woopsy…Kiss Kiss….DSC_0043


Birthday girls – somewhere in the 40’s (brownie points)DSC_0035


Considered armed and deranged.  Details at your local post office.DSC_0045 

“Cathie I only have twenty more jokes to tell you.”DSC_0051

It was a big Texas style four o’clock and all is well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Active Day

One happy cat….

Another happy cat – her husband.SDC10900


Blue Ox came back.  They FedEx overnight the part, put their worker up in a motel and now he’s ready to work.SDC10902


I thought I would help.  People said I fell asleep.  I was just resting between his breaks.SDC10906

Still restingSDC10907

Here’s our neighbor resting too.  Now that’s some white legs…SDC10910

Our cook when we don’t eat out.  Another words – she don’t cook much.SDC10909

We went to Das Hausensbutt eatery. The spelling is wrong, not even close.  It’s on state route 20 in downtown Middlebury – can’t miss it.  They had a car show outside with over 500 cars.  It was cool. They had Nick’s car and I have proof. SDC10911



SDC10919  SDC10921

There’s the proof! There’s only one Nick.SDC10920


The buffet……….SDC10916

What, another buffet…….OK, I will try and force myself. I feel like I have been on the food channel with all the eating out we have done.SDC10917

I might have had three of these dishes.  They just kept appearing.  BBQ ribs, chicken, squished taters & gravy, yummy noodles, and mushy green beans. SDC10918

No Denny.  I don’t care how much weight you lost.  You can’t fit thru that window when you don’t have your key. Plus, he’s standing on a chair.  I wish I could have supported the chair but who would have taken the picture. Now Susie can give him hell for standing on the chair – sorry Denny. Hey, I told you I take bribes.SDC10923

See ya……