Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freedom Of Movement

Carol & I and other RVers enjoy the Freedom Of Movement more than any other group of people I can think of.  We drove about 125 total miles today in no special direction.  We came upon this small seaside community of Eastlake in Ohio.

      What is the cost of the Freedom Of Movement ?SDC10695SDC10690

This family has pride of their heritage only few know of and we can only start to imagine.SDC10683SDC10692

                                          500 flagsSDC10688

SDC10685 SDC10691SDC10686 SDC10687    SDC10693  SDC10698

Not only is this community grateful, they will not forget and that’s the way it has to be………….

Thank You Eastlake, Ohio 

Gunnery Sergeant Dennis B. Hill

United States Marine Corps (Retired)

Viet Nam Veteran

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