Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Many Years ?!

Congratulations to Frank & Marlene (40 years) and Denny & Susie Orr (46 years) for working through the rough times and enjoying the good times.DSC_0018

Now that you said you didn’t know that.  Give them a call and your congrats – go ahead “just do it.” Go ahead……they desrve it.  OR send them money… DSC_0022

We’re waiting for the cook.DSC_0013

We all had steak and I wasn’t fast enough after they were cooked.  Left over's are only visible.DSC_0017  

Denny served his bride a piece of cake.DSC_0029

Who could not love this kind and gentle person.DSC_0030

Attendees and vendors are rolling in.DSC_0048

These window shades are so cool (pun intended).DSC_0001 

“Where am I ?”DSC_0005



Nick is doing physical work and Terry is watching for a change.  That’s cool.  Oh yea, Terry fell twice today but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.  I think she was testing me.  She fell, got up so quick she fell again and even got up quicker.  She’s fine but was really embarrassed for sure. Tell her you saw her fall and watch how red she gets. Nick you might have to get her a massage. DSC_0032

“Nick you can’t have your Celina shirt back. How do you like my pet bug in my ear ?”DSC_0038

“Nick, where’s my booth and table?”DSC_0041

“It’s not here.”DSC_0044

“It’s not over here” DSC_0040

“Dennis, I told you I will find you a booth.”DSC_0008

I think I got a girl that is missing these from Friday’s blog.DSC_0046

A little bit of everything. I would say his and her doors.DSC_0047 

See ya……

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