Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bridge To No Where

Hey, let’s go look at bridges, Carol said.  Soooooo

Which came first – the road , river or bridge?SDC10637

Yes Carol, those are really your feet.SDC10629 

Covered BridgeSDC10631

The old and new and the old (inside)SDC10632

Covered Bridge with a tourist.SDC10634 

Yep, that’s what I would call it.SDC10639

Covered BridgeSDC10640

Covered BridgeSDC10641

I know what this is but do you?  No it’s not the top of a missile in a silo, or is it?SDC10644

I think this is a Cobra helicopter.  One mean machine. I call it our tax dollars rotting…SDC10646

Covered Bridge on a sharp turn.SDC10647

A Monarch Butterfly I believe.SDC10653

A covered “bridge over troubled water”.  You know I was going to say it sooner or later.SDC10654

I like the orange…….SDC10657 

The end…..SDC10658

See ya……….

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