Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pilot Flying J

If you didn’t already know you will now.  Pilot bought out Flying J and they will all be called Pilot Flying J.  This was done several months ago.  Anyhow, this Flying J leased their food area to Denny’s.  We had breakfast there and it was a typical Denny’s.  Their coffee was $1.89 and wasn’t that good.  Carol got it and switched to tea.  I don’t get coffee if it cost more than $1.50 – I’m too cheap.SDC10561


I get pissed when I see gas cars at the RV pumps.  Here’s an example.  The regular pumps had one car.  If I would have pulled in with the RV I would have asked these drivers why they were PARKED at the RV pumps.  I would have gotten an answer somewhere between I didn’t see all the RV signs or “so”.  Clueless. They left before I could get over there to them.  I think we as RVers need to let car people know if they are doing something that affect us at RVers.  Another example is when a car parks in a RV space like at a Cracker Barrel.  We need to let these people know “it is not OK”.  The more we don’t say anything the more it will become normal to do.  I speak out and I think we all should do that.  When you see something wrong – speak out.  Yes it has gotten me into trouble with “those” few idiots.  Most people just don’t realize what they are doing.  I will get off the soap box now.SDC10562


I don’t know nothing about this.  To enlarge click on the picture that should make it a little larger with most programs.SDC10563

I bet they get snow around here and use salt on the roads…..I rather use salt on the table than the road.SDC10564

Walmart was $165 without any cow or pig, the good stuff.  Guess I will have to eat healthy. Thanks a lot Carol……

See ya….

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