Thursday, August 26, 2010

Active Day

One happy cat….

Another happy cat – her husband.SDC10900


Blue Ox came back.  They FedEx overnight the part, put their worker up in a motel and now he’s ready to work.SDC10902


I thought I would help.  People said I fell asleep.  I was just resting between his breaks.SDC10906

Still restingSDC10907

Here’s our neighbor resting too.  Now that’s some white legs…SDC10910

Our cook when we don’t eat out.  Another words – she don’t cook much.SDC10909

We went to Das Hausensbutt eatery. The spelling is wrong, not even close.  It’s on state route 20 in downtown Middlebury – can’t miss it.  They had a car show outside with over 500 cars.  It was cool. They had Nick’s car and I have proof. SDC10911



SDC10919  SDC10921

There’s the proof! There’s only one Nick.SDC10920


The buffet……….SDC10916

What, another buffet…….OK, I will try and force myself. I feel like I have been on the food channel with all the eating out we have done.SDC10917

I might have had three of these dishes.  They just kept appearing.  BBQ ribs, chicken, squished taters & gravy, yummy noodles, and mushy green beans. SDC10918

No Denny.  I don’t care how much weight you lost.  You can’t fit thru that window when you don’t have your key. Plus, he’s standing on a chair.  I wish I could have supported the chair but who would have taken the picture. Now Susie can give him hell for standing on the chair – sorry Denny. Hey, I told you I take bribes.SDC10923

See ya……

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