Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Gads Geeks


It’s Monday on a holiday weekend and the weekenders are leaving in droves.  I guess they got to go to work Tuesday.  Ahhh, it’s so nice to be a full time RVer.

We had a geek attack.  We invited  Jim & Chris Guld (Geeks On Tour) and Marilyn, (Chris’s mom), and Dave and Marilyn Anderson over for dinner.  We had some smoked pulled pork that I had made in Livingston and the trimmings that go with it.  As normal we fixed the world problems and had a good time sharing old stories. Since these were “old” stories we all must haven been just babies.  It was nice to have some fresh new stories.  Again we all were trying to share our stories at the same time.  That’s not unusual around RVers.  We all want to share our adventures.DSC_0001

Oh no the geek squad themselves.  The little green man in the background is watching.  I guess he is becoming the driving school’s mascot.DSC_0002


I’m not sure what they are doing here.  Maybe they’re glad it didn’t rain for a few hours. Maybe they’re  watching the squirrels. Either that or we are leaving them and they are really happy.DSC_0006

They know computer “stuff”.  They can be found at and geeksontour.blogspot.comDSC_0009

It was another great day and of course it’s Memorial Day.   It’s a true remembrance day of those that have given the ultimate price for others to enjoy the greatest freedom in the world.

See Ya…………..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Wilted Rose On A Grave

     It reminds me of veterans whose names have not been spoken of for many years.  These veteran names should be never go unspoken.  Because of them – we can speak freely today.  Visit a veteran of history past and speak their name.  Semper Fi to all veterans………..


Veterans - See Ya all one day…………….

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birds & Horse


We went and visited Davey Crocket State Park.  I didn’t see Fess Parker anywhere.  DSC_0006-1

The locals were shooting these muskets.  I guess they can’t afford the AK-47s….DSC_0008-1


Male turkey running around.DSC_0003-1

Female turkey close by checking up on him……DSC_0010-1 

We attended a presentation of local birds by this park ranger.  It was very informative. This is a Barred Owl. DSC_0019DSC_0016-1

Then we went to Wal-mart and saw this sign.DSC_0021

See the sign behind the horse’s butt.  Now that there is funny.DSC_0020

We attended the park’s pulled pork dinner. It was OK!  While there we ran into Jim & Chris “The Geeks”.  Then we went over to their RV and chewed the fat for a short while. It was great talking to them about their RV adventures.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meriwether Lewis


I didn’t put two and two together until we went here to Meriwether Lewis’s Memorial Monument here on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Lewis & Clark is what I always heard of.  Well, this is he “Lewis”.  There not sure if he committed suicide or was murdered. Let’s see – he wrote his will only days before, gave away his belongs to his brothers just before this trip, two prior unsuccessful attempts of suicide, and the last thing he was en route to DC to talk to the government big wigs.  Going to DC to talk to govt officials is in itself enough to do yourself in.  DSC_0004

Girls will be girls.  They wanted to see what was on the other side of the monument.DSC_0002

He was only 35 years young.DSC_0012



This tells the story of the Natchez Tail.  Click on the picture if you can’t read it.DSC_0010 

Here’s an “Old Trace”.DSC_0007

Nice oak trees are abound… DSC_0014

There is camping here and it’s free. No hook ups but water is available.  I would drive our 40 footer here. Only a few “campers”.  That trike is a Harley and about $30K.  The blue thing in front is a tent camper converted to hard sides and on a trailer. The car is a El Camino over loaded would be an under statement. DSC_0015

Here’s his neighbor.  They both looked friendly even though they had axes in their hands.DSC_0016

We had lunch here in Hohenwald, TN.  It’s near Buffalo River which is known for it’s casual kayaking and canoeing.DSC_0018

It poured down rain towards the evening.  The rainy season here is Sunday thru Saturday during the summer.  Our TTN park here cancelled the winnie roast.  Guess I will have to do my own winnie inside in the microwave – ouch!..

Pig roast tomorrow here in the park. Can you say wet pig………..

See  Ya………….

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flies, Eyes & Ice


Now this is a sharp picture.DSC_0001

Very green here in Tennessee. DSC_0008

There seems to be abundance of tables around if you and 22 guys want to carry one of these things.DSC_0009


Marylyn is showing Carol on how to catch flies with her mouth. Carol is trying to learn.DSC_0010

Dave is just trying to catch a nap while listening.DSC_0011

Just a nice quite day with friends…

Oh, our ice maker is giving us trouble.  We defrosted the frig and it hasn’t been the same.  After defrosting it worked fine until we lifted the arm up when we wanted it to stop making ice. Then we wanted ice again it wouldn’t make any. It had ice in it but wouldn’t push it out.  No noises. We defrosted that part of the freezer with the ice maker and it worked again until we moved the bar and it stopped making ice again.   Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong and better yet how to fix it?

See Ya……

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Tarp RV


Just before we left Tiffin, a 2010  Tiffin came in and a blue tarp was immediately put over his entire roof.  He went under a bridge trestle and took everything off, two ACs, Sat dome and even his ladder.  Two things must of went wrong.  He (or she) wasn’t paying attention and was speeding.  Enough said.

Here’s one of “those” things that can get you in trouble real quick – low over passes.  Do you know what your actual clearance is?  Not what the book says! Measure your height, width, length, write it down, laminate it and keep it around the driver area.  It will come in handy.  Oh, learn to read signs also….

This is just within a 1/4 mile of the entrance to TTN Natchez Trace Campground.  It is well marked by the marks by those that didn’t know their height or weren’t paying attention.  I got a personal campfire story to tell about an 18 wheeler and bridge trestles.  Ask me at a campfire.




Dave and Marilyn  Anderson came over for a mutual cookout.  We cooked corn on the grill in the husk.  We have always liked that.  They really have a rich flavor cooking them on the grill in the husk.  We got the corn at Wal-Mart earlier that day for 19 cents each.  That’s seems to be a pretty good price nowadays. Then we had our tuff steaks and good sweet tater fries on the grill also.  We sat out and ate.  Seems like it’s been awhile since we did that. The four of us were gabbing a lot.  It’s hard to carry on four conservations at once.  We are all talkers even Carol.  I think all of us can talk and listen at the same time some how.

See Ya…………

Monday, May 24, 2010

Natchez Trail TTN


After a whopping 100 miles we arrived at Thousand Trails (TTN) Natchez Trace, TN.  We have never been here before and glad we have stopped here.  It has a lot of real estate.  The campground is an older campground with a lot of empty sites to include full hook ups. A lot of sites are for very small RVs but plenty of sites for all RVs. No 50 AMPS that I could fine.  I’m a guy I don’t ask or look at the map. I just drive around looking at the RV chords.

I was informed (Carol) that I’ve hit on Tiffin pretty hard.  My first reaction was “duh”. We have owned Newmar, Winnebago, Gulfstream.  I have driven most other brands when I transported them to the dealers.  Bottom line – We like Tiffin’s warranty and out of warranty work policy.  Tiffin wants you to buy another one and they will attempt to satisfy their customers beyond the 1 year.  They work hard on keeping their customers. The workmanship is OK with exceptions. The other manufactures we feel just didn’t do enough in or out of warranty.  Our second choice (new) would be a tie between Winnebago and Newmar.  Our Gulfstream 5th wheel I called Goofstream.  There dead last in our book. They replaced our new one with another new one after 4 months of troubles. We traded the new one in before we even took delivery of it.  I like Bounders – a lot of bang for the buck. Nothing special I just like them.  Phaetons – a lot of bang for the buck plus service.  If I was to buy another RV today I would go back about 3 maybe 4 years, top of the line Country Coach, Fleetwood American series, Travel Supreme, Newmar and even Monaco – top of the line.  Others like Vantare, Wanderlodge, Newell, MCI’s, Prevost’s, out of our price range for us. Our favorite coach so far was our Winnebago Ultimate and we even tried to find one before we bought this 2008 Farton.  2004 was their last year of the Ultimate's and they started at $300K.  After many years of RVing, seasoned RVers know there are lemons in ALL brands, some just have more than others, it’s how the manufactures handles it that makes the difference.  Tiffin wins hands down. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Really, Carol says she’s likes our Farton and that is good enough for me (brownie points).

Dave & Marilyn Anderson are here at TTN.  I guess we will leave early now – just kidding…..


They’re considering Alaska in 2011, still working for AGS,  planning to be at Gypsy Journal/Escapade and expecting their first child I think they said – I will have to double check with them on that…smile… We had great fun our first night here with them and fixed the world problems again.

See Ya………………..

Long Day Of Holding Tiffin Accountable


We went to our assigned bay here at Tiffin at 0645 this morning and our bay had a RV setting in front of it.  I went inside to the head shed and explained to them I wanted our RV repair work repaired NOW. I got some looks which was fine.  I kept my cool and let their shabby previous work do the talking when they saw it.  Bottom line – they finished and we went to check out.  They handed us a repair bill for $534.  I just said no thanks.  After meeting with the head mucka mucka reapir guy, Wade, he came to the same conclusion and we left the office with no money due.  Carol’s so glad he saw it my way.  Even though we leave Tiffin tomorrow I’m not done with Tiffin.  I’m holding them to their 3 year paint warranty and to a standard that they think they are at – and their not.  If people don’t complain A LOT, the manufactures don’t hear.  If enough people complain about the same thing – quality - they will change – they eventually have to.  When I pay a fair price for something that is suppose to work – I hold that company accountable. Everyone should do that instead of just saying I won’t buy that again.  That isn’t enough nowadays. If I buy a Taiwanese product I know I’m buying junk. That’s different to me.  So, use the internet – what power – use it.  This brings up Blue Ox. They’re head is on my chopping block with their True Center steering control. Great product WHEN it works.  They are attempting to make it better with the one I got.  I call them often to complain when it don’t work.  They are concerned that it isn’t working but are a little slow on the action side.  I give them a kick start ever once in awhile to remind them when the device isn’t working right.  I’ve been passed around their office like the flu each time I’ve called. Now I talk to a Mike the tech who evidently is concerned about “his” product and how it works.  Time will tell.

Gotta go watch “24” on the TV… See Ya….. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hammers, Tiffin Workers & Intelligence

Name three things that don’t go together.

If you look real good you can see a hammer in is hand and he is removing his tow bar with it.  People start your engine, turn your steering wheel, it takes the pressure off the parts and you then can remove the parts by hand.   A hammer only damages the internal parts. This guy is now qualified to be a Tiffin worker! He should apply.DSC_0007


Tiffin workers, the word workers is used loosely and should not be confused with someone who knows what they are doing – one step forward and five backwards.  They had to replace a black wind strip around the front of the door due to faultily factory installation when building the unit.  They chipped paint, gashed the body and got silicone sealer on the acrylic Diamond Shield and made no attempt to repair or tell me.  I found this after leaving the repair bay “Friday”.  I was focused on the slideout adjustment – another poo story.   Now Monday I will go back and see what they think of my blue tape.  I have Bob Tiffin on speed dial and I have used it before and will use it again if they even look at me wrong or use the word  “wait” in any sentence.  DSC_0011

Everyday is an adventure continues for sure.

See Ya…..if not in – never mind…….

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BURNOUT, AL kinda near Rattlesnake Saloon


Yes folks, we found the BURNOUT Fire Department.  Is this an oxymoron or what!  Maybe this community is a left over from the 60’s.  The neighbors did have some unusual looking weeds growing around back. DSC_0028 DSC_0030


Anyhow – we made it to the Rattlesnake Saloon.  It’s a pretty cool place and literally too!  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  We walked thru here and down the hill to the bottom.DSC_0023

DSC_0021DSC_0020DSC_0019 DSC_0012DSC_0011 DSC_0016  DSC_0010


The fans were all on one belt pulley.DSC_0007 

I would eat here again.  At night they serve beer and dance - no kids allowed.  Today they were having a birthday party for some kids.  It was a little rowdy but doable anyhow.DSC_0008


Full hook up camping was rough but again doable.  The road here was smooth and had about 5-6 miles of twisty roads but doable.  I would say stay at the Allegro Campground and drive the 20 miles to it. DSC_0026



The taking of this picture was not approved by Carol and I will catch hell for not making it “pretty”. Oh well, poo happens.  People wanted to know exactly where the new cabinet is.  This will explain it a lot better. It’s next to the chair on the floor.   DSC_0032


Tomorrow (Sunday) it’s suppose to be in the 90’s – whew.  Brake out those tiger stripped thong bikini swim suits, he haw….

See Ya…hopefully not in the swimsuit….