Thursday, May 6, 2010

Left Behind – nuttin honey except the big one!

Well, the porch was cleared when we left except…SDC10012

Our little otter friend.  He has a big cacti doesn’t he…SDC10013

A Happy camper going across the MS River.  Before we got here we had to do an about face.  We came across a 12’ 2” bridge.  We are 12’ 4”.  Do you know for sure how tall your rig is?SDC10032

We went via the Natchez Trail Parkway.  The speed limit is 50 MPH and no trucks.  It’s pretty but not as pretty as the Blue Ridge Parkway. Each lane is 10 feet wide with no shoulders.  Our rig is 100 inches wide – you do the math.  Nice road…..through a lot of trees.SDC10034

We made several stops to sniff the roses - just short stops.SDC10055

Two cats, a dog and a wife.  It’s a wonder we made it this far without a potty break.SDC10039

Down by the creek….SDC10045

This is one way to walk cats………….SDC10047

Not marked…but it is a federal road which makes it at least 13’ 6”.  I still got in the center just in case…..SDC10056


We went about 400 miles and ended up in Clinton, MS.  We traveled red/black line roads today and it was pretty dog on relaxing.  We found a movie theater lot which happened to be next to a Pizza Hut.  So we got a pizza ($10 deal) and watched TV.  It’s near 90 and the humidity is kinda high.  We turned on the generator and called it a day…SDC10058

See Ya……….

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