Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well, it rained


Here’s where we were going to go for dinner, the Rattlesnake Saloon.  It rained hard and we just didn’t feel like driving in it much less going near a cave while it’s raining.  I think a DUH would be appropriate here.  We will try again tomorrow.  I know this place is going to be cool – pun intended…_wsb_521

I finally got my 3 seminars ready for the RVSEF Conference in early June.  That’s good.  Most of the time it’s the night before I give my first seminar.  Yes, I’m bored like a lot of full timers when the weather isn’t cooperating.  I even mapped out for our possibility of returning to Alaska in 2011.  I use Streets & Trips by Microsoft – it’s great for planning purposes and even some times as an active GPS device.  If you think you might go up North To Alaska in 2011 let us know.  We can share/give information. It’s our 4th trip since starting full timing in 2000. 

My Senior Instructor, Jerry Ray, and his son Robert have made some changes to the RV School’s web site.  Nothing real major.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

See Ya…..

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