Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day At The Hill’s

Everyday is Mother’s Day at our house.  Carol is treated like a Queen all the time.  This morning I asked if she wanted me to cook her breakfast in bed (again) or go out.  She said out. So I patiently waited for to get out of bed, dressed and then prettified which she really doesn’t need.  I rack those points up when I can because I loose them fast.  Then I took her to a six island restaurant for breakfast.  You ask what is a six island restaurant.  There pretty popular here in AL and MS. It’s a gas station that has six gas islands and a fast food restaurant. The better ones are the newer ones.  They even keep the fishing bait in a separate refrigerator.  This happened to be a mini McDonalds.  So she ordered her egg mcmuffin and we went on a 150 mile drive at her request.  We ended up going to Florence, AL on the Tennessee River and home of the University of AL.SDC10094

Here I thought we drove into MS.  Maybe they put the University in the wrong state.

The Tennessee River. Yep, it’s a river.  I think TN is trying to get rid of all the water they have had lately.SDC10111


This could be that “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” that has been sung about a few decades ago.SDC10113

This is one of our homes over looking the TN River.  We don’t use it much.  As a matter of fact, I can honestly say we have never used it.SDC10110

Carol wanted me to take a picture of this house so I did----more points guys….SDC10091 

Then down on the river we discovered a RV park.  Full hook ups with paved sites and concrete tables for $15 a night.  Plenty of sights and for big rigs too.SDC10117


That’s the TN River right there in case you want to drive thru and wash your rigSDC10101 

They have these in case you want to get your wig wam…….. Now that there is funny…….SDC10106 

They even got onf of them dere floating devices.. SDC10116

We get back and Carol calls her Mom right away…or was it the lawyer!  She has the look……look out! It must be that egg mcmuffin she had in the morning.SDC10124

I did a walk around here at the Tiffin Repair Campground and got some pictures to smile about.  See em tomorrow……

See Ya……..

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