Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Day Of Holding Tiffin Accountable


We went to our assigned bay here at Tiffin at 0645 this morning and our bay had a RV setting in front of it.  I went inside to the head shed and explained to them I wanted our RV repair work repaired NOW. I got some looks which was fine.  I kept my cool and let their shabby previous work do the talking when they saw it.  Bottom line – they finished and we went to check out.  They handed us a repair bill for $534.  I just said no thanks.  After meeting with the head mucka mucka reapir guy, Wade, he came to the same conclusion and we left the office with no money due.  Carol’s so glad he saw it my way.  Even though we leave Tiffin tomorrow I’m not done with Tiffin.  I’m holding them to their 3 year paint warranty and to a standard that they think they are at – and their not.  If people don’t complain A LOT, the manufactures don’t hear.  If enough people complain about the same thing – quality - they will change – they eventually have to.  When I pay a fair price for something that is suppose to work – I hold that company accountable. Everyone should do that instead of just saying I won’t buy that again.  That isn’t enough nowadays. If I buy a Taiwanese product I know I’m buying junk. That’s different to me.  So, use the internet – what power – use it.  This brings up Blue Ox. They’re head is on my chopping block with their True Center steering control. Great product WHEN it works.  They are attempting to make it better with the one I got.  I call them often to complain when it don’t work.  They are concerned that it isn’t working but are a little slow on the action side.  I give them a kick start ever once in awhile to remind them when the device isn’t working right.  I’ve been passed around their office like the flu each time I’ve called. Now I talk to a Mike the tech who evidently is concerned about “his” product and how it works.  Time will tell.

Gotta go watch “24” on the TV… See Ya….. 

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