Saturday, May 8, 2010

New “technology” For Me

The new technology isn’t working yet for me.  I tried to put a video clip at the end of this and it wasn’t user friendly enough for me. Oh well and anyhow……….

Here’s the town meeting place in the morning.  I got grits, eggs, biscuit and gravy, bacon and coffee for under 5 bucks.  That’s not too shabby..SDC10073

Dollar General – a small town’s Wal-Mart for sure.  They are in just about in every small town.  If the town is a little bigger they will get a Family Dollar Too.SDC10074

The ONLY tourist Red Bay gets are RVers so it’s nice they put signs up for us.  It’s still a farming community although Tiffin is here.SDC10075

We moved again and this time it was into a 50 AMP full hook up.  Plus we are under the power pole which means it’s a real good power.  We put our little green man out to mark our spot.  If you forget where you park you will have a hard time finding your unit for sure. Of course we got the datastorm on the roof which helps.  I think we are the only ones here with it.  Seems like everyone is going over to the air cards.SDC10076


Here’s my new technology that didn’t work…it appears to be blank.  Maybe I can get Larry Forbes to check it out…

See Ya………………….

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