Friday, May 14, 2010

What’s Priceless

When a friend calls and says they need our help, our reply is, as many other RVers,   “Sure, what do you need.”  RVers learn that this is valuable resource. We do not evaluate if it’s an emergency or not.  It’s a friend asking for help – period.  Friends wouldn’t ask unless they need help, duh..  The degree of emergency is unimportant.  I need help just about everyday.  That is why I travel with a friend, my wife (points galore).  We all know what it’s like to be in one of “those” situations where we need help.  As we all go through our RV adventures we learn.  We then can pass on our adventures on to those that have not learned yet.  That’s part of the purpose of the Escapee’s Boot Camp and RVSEF’s Conference – to learn through others.  Getting back to calling a friend for help, we just had that call.  Sharon & Don Del Rosario called us Friday afternoon after being in a bad rain storm and their wiper arm broke away.  They knew we were setting at Tiffin and could get the part.  Within one hour the wiper assembly was en route to them.  It was minor for us to do but a big relief for them.  Sometimes it’s a big hassle getting the right parts while on the road.  This was one less hassle they have to deal with and it just took a phone call.  They are experiencing a few problems right now and their blog is  They know the Queen’s English and spell better than I also.

So, there are other things that are priceless too……….like a cat enjoying people walking by.DSC_0002-1 

And then there are things that are not priceless.  Like my 150-500mm telephoto lens. I call it the “whale.”  I got it in Anchorage, AK last summer.  Haven’t used it very much down here in the lower 48 states.  I use my 18-200mm lens normally. If you go back to last summer on this blog you can see our AK trip.  We are kinda planning on it again in 2011.  As with all RVing plans – it depends. DSC_0004-1

So, when you are down in the dumps, lift your head up and say, “Hey, I’m down in the dumps” to a friend – it’s priceless.

See Ya…………

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