Monday, May 24, 2010

Natchez Trail TTN


After a whopping 100 miles we arrived at Thousand Trails (TTN) Natchez Trace, TN.  We have never been here before and glad we have stopped here.  It has a lot of real estate.  The campground is an older campground with a lot of empty sites to include full hook ups. A lot of sites are for very small RVs but plenty of sites for all RVs. No 50 AMPS that I could fine.  I’m a guy I don’t ask or look at the map. I just drive around looking at the RV chords.

I was informed (Carol) that I’ve hit on Tiffin pretty hard.  My first reaction was “duh”. We have owned Newmar, Winnebago, Gulfstream.  I have driven most other brands when I transported them to the dealers.  Bottom line – We like Tiffin’s warranty and out of warranty work policy.  Tiffin wants you to buy another one and they will attempt to satisfy their customers beyond the 1 year.  They work hard on keeping their customers. The workmanship is OK with exceptions. The other manufactures we feel just didn’t do enough in or out of warranty.  Our second choice (new) would be a tie between Winnebago and Newmar.  Our Gulfstream 5th wheel I called Goofstream.  There dead last in our book. They replaced our new one with another new one after 4 months of troubles. We traded the new one in before we even took delivery of it.  I like Bounders – a lot of bang for the buck. Nothing special I just like them.  Phaetons – a lot of bang for the buck plus service.  If I was to buy another RV today I would go back about 3 maybe 4 years, top of the line Country Coach, Fleetwood American series, Travel Supreme, Newmar and even Monaco – top of the line.  Others like Vantare, Wanderlodge, Newell, MCI’s, Prevost’s, out of our price range for us. Our favorite coach so far was our Winnebago Ultimate and we even tried to find one before we bought this 2008 Farton.  2004 was their last year of the Ultimate's and they started at $300K.  After many years of RVing, seasoned RVers know there are lemons in ALL brands, some just have more than others, it’s how the manufactures handles it that makes the difference.  Tiffin wins hands down. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Really, Carol says she’s likes our Farton and that is good enough for me (brownie points).

Dave & Marilyn Anderson are here at TTN.  I guess we will leave early now – just kidding…..


They’re considering Alaska in 2011, still working for AGS,  planning to be at Gypsy Journal/Escapade and expecting their first child I think they said – I will have to double check with them on that…smile… We had great fun our first night here with them and fixed the world problems again.

See Ya………………..

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