Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On The Road Again…finally

Well, it’s Wednesday and we are READY to leave tomorrow!  Carol is even anxious to have new adventures.  We are taking our Smoker with us.  I just had to move this and that around and take out the grill to get it in but it will be worth it hopefully.  Oh well, it’s not heavy.  We had more “stuff” out of our rig sitting here than we normally do.  Since we won’t be back until November we had to make sure we had a lot of RV Driving School supplies.  Basically almost all of it.  Of course this is normal for us since we do full time.  We have stored more “stuff” here because some of it we just don’t use anymore.  That’s nice to be able to do that.  It’s been great meeting new and old friends while here in Livingston.  We will see them again so we just say, “See Ya” and not good bye.

We still live in the RV even though we are parked next to Mom Hill’s empty mobile home. She’s doing fine in a nursing home where she wanted to be. 

We have no plans for Thursday night as far as where we are staying.  This is not unusual for us.That’s just one reason we like full timing – the unknown.  It’s OK not to know things like this sometimes.  That’s the adventure part of RVing that we like.  Some people don’t like uncertainly and that’s OK too. We have a 2010 and even a 2011 schedule and that is just so we can remember what we have obligated ourselves too.  Key word – ourselves and not someone else.  RVing – isn’t it great!

Have you noticed the fuel prices going up the last three weeks and it was BEFORE the offshore oil platform disaster which it is a disaster.  Same Ole same Ole – fuel going up - nothing new.  It happens every year.  Hope the prices settle down now.  Bottom line – we are hitting the road. 

We are headed for Red Bay, AL home of our Tiffin.  We will get some warranty and non warranty items repaired.  Also, get some after hour cabinetry work done. Then we head towards Bowling Green, KY..

Update – not taking the smoker.  It has been in the 90s this week and the humidity has gone up and down. I fell off the ladder (again).  I’m alright, I fell on my head (again).  I hand waxed the RV in 3 days.  Still got to buff the wheels, this baby is looking good!

Wheels are done and are more than shiny – they are against the law!

See Ya…………….

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