Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Veggie Day

Today we vegetated. I went down to the Tiffin parts store to get some windshield wipers.  The wipers they put on this Farton can not be replaced by my usual store Wal-mart.  The mounting hardware is a little bigger than a regular wiper.  So I knew here comes one of those $25-35 each things.  Much to my surprise they were $9.70 each and they had about 20 of them.  All the other kinds were $25 and up.  I asked the cashier why so cheap.  She said she didn’t know she just marks them as told.  I said I would take 4 in that case.  Hard to pass up a really good deal.  That was the highlight of the day.  Maybe we’re recovering from Swamp John’s. 

A lot of people don’t know that Tiffin started out as a Hardware Store here in Red Bay.  This wall painting is relatively new due to the paint job on the Tiffin – it’s about a 2009/2010 paint job.  Now isn’t hat interesting?SDC10080

I got work to do here real soon kinda -  prepare a new seminar on “Driving To Alaska”, go over two others and customize to the time slots given and student lesson confirmations to do.  I would say about 12 hours of work that I have been putting off for about 2 months now.  I work better under pressure that I create myself.   This is in prep for the RVSEF conference in a few weeks in Bowling Green, KY.  Here’s a link if you want to look      http://www.rvsafety.com/LESSchedule.html

It’s almost work but I like doing seminars.  It’s the prep I really don’t have fun with but it’s necessary.  What do you call work that is fun to do? I prefer not to call it work but call it ……….?

Oh, tomorrow, May 12 is my birthday.  Please send cash or expensive RV presents here to Red Bay.  Overnight FedEx would be fine…. or have a nice cold beer for me……

See Ya…………..

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