Monday, October 31, 2016

Windows 10 Renew %*($#*(*

We left Betty’s about 9ish with 210 miles to do.  We decided to go back via I-10.  We stopped and got gas at a Pilot.  Gas was $1.89.  The camper got 8.0 mpg.  I really expected closer to 9 mpg.  Maybe when we’re not towing a car it will go up.had to pay for this

The trip itself was nice.  No idiots where out of their cages.  We cruised about 62 mph and RPMs were about 2,000 for the V-10.  Any lower speed and it was down shifting a little too much for my liking.  I think we got back about 2 PM.

Later we tried to renew our Windows 10.  What a frigging pain in the ass.  Two and half hours on the phone and/or internet continually.  We could hardly understand their English.  AND we had to pay $99 for this agony.  Renewal process sucks for  non geek users.

Retirement is having the time to deal with service  people in a foreign country.  Trump will fix that?

See ya…………

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Captain Morgan

It was time for Jim & Lisa to depart Betty’s.  I think they couldn’t stand all the fun and Cajun food.  After all, they did have a Ham & Cheese sandwich at Bon Creole, a Cajun restaurant. 

Where’s Jim…DSC_0003I found Lisa.  She does the driving.DSC_0005DSC_0007

and then there were two left from Livingston.DSC_0008

We went flea market shopping.DSC_0010

Is this Captain Morgan?DSC_0011

Mark was paying this lady for something.  I don’t think he’s looking in his wallet at the moment.DSC_0012

She posed for this picture for Mark.  I think I will get it enlarged for his pin up wall.DSC_0013

We had a hard time pulling Mark away from her but we finally got back to Betty’s.

For dinner Betty brought me some nice hot dogs and we had some hamburgers.  I cooked them on the grill and we fed anybody who wanted to join in.  We had left overs.  It was a pot luck of sort.  Toni made a lemon meringue pie and it was so good.  I ate my share and the end of the night I ate someone else's too.

Late in the evening Mark and I sat out and smoked a cigar and fixed the whole RVing world.

Retirement is like Halloween – it can be scary sometimes.

See ya…..

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Food and More Food Of Course

We started off the morning with breakfast outside.  Most of the food was cooked on the BBQ.DSC_0001DSC_0003

Waiting to be served….DSC_0004

Then we all piled into the car and went looking for trouble.DSC_0017DSC_0023DSC_0005DSC_0021DSC_0008DSC_0009DSC_0006Deer meat on the right…..DSC_0010 They also used sweet potatoes…DSC_0013DSC_0014DSC_0015These beer servers insisted that I take their picture so I did.DSC_0022

Talk about sponsors…DSC_0024

That’s Betty in the pinkish outfit…DSC_0025

Now that we snacked it was time to go and eat.  Let’s see…..oh yea…..DSC_0029DSC_0030

Oh my…… anyone coming to Abbeville just has to eat here.  You won’t be sorry, I guarantee it.    The food is a little pricey but damn good.  The owner, Burt, came over and talked with us for a few minutes.  He had ties to Livingston at one time so we got on his good side instantly.  He had the waitress bring us each a complementary bread pudding to die for.  We all agreed it was the best bread pudding any of us ever had – hands down.DSC_0031

Retirement – where was all this food when I was younger and could eat everything and not worry.

See ya……..

Friday, October 28, 2016

How Hot Is It?

It was so hot that we all spent over $100 on hot stuff. 

Jim, Lisa, Carol, me and Mark all piled into a car and left for the Tabasco factory.  Carol is between two geeks and has what kind of expression?DSCN1463

We arrived at the Tabasco place a little after 9 AM. DSCN1466 It wasn’t crowded yet.  Jim and Lisa haven’t been on the Tabasco tour so they went that way.  Mark, Carol & I toured the retail store of course.  Mark & I needed to restock.  Plus we tasted just about every sample they have out for tasting.  They have a lot to taste.  Nothing like hot stuff to start the morning right.DSCN1467

About now Lisa & Jim finished the tour.  They said they liked it.

Then it’s to the Tabasco restaurant.  This is new.  It’s not real big but plenty of setting outside. 

The brown bags are filled with Tabasco products.DSCN1469DSCN1470

Can you find Jim in the picture below?DSCN1471

Next was Bon Creole in New Iberia.  It’s an outstanding place to get seafood type foods and the like.  We come here every time we are nearby. DSCN1474DSCN1475

Mark said he was on the phone but we have our doubts.DSCN1478

Next was the Jefferson House & Gardens down the road.  DSCN1495

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside.DSCN1489DSCN1488DSCN1493DSCN1485DSCN1486

This guy wasn’t afraid of me at all.DSCN1496

No idea……Looks like a girl I dated years ago.DSCN1498DSCN1499

When we got back to the camper the cat was waiting for us.DSCN1501

At social hour everybody brought food to eat.  A little of this and that.  Mark & Carol brought Mead (alcohol).  That was a hit.  Oh, Toni brought some pizza she hand made from scratch.  It was outstanding.  Her & her husband use to own a pizza shop for over a decade.  It did well and we know why!

Retirement – it’s like having enough time but not enough energy or money.

See ya……..

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Betttttttyyyyyyyy’s RV Park

We left Livingston about 8:30 AM in the camper.  We went towards Beaumont then down to Port Arthur.  There we picked up route 82 for a long ride.  It runs along the Gulf of Mexico.  Not touristy at all which was a pleasant surprise. Speed limit was 55 mph and that is all you really want to do.  Small road with no shoulder usually.  Now that I drove it, we have no desire to do it again.  We did get to ride a short ferry with the RV.  A 40 footer would have to detach from their tow behind.  Us and about 8 vehicles made the 5 minute trip. DSC_0059DSC_0055

Tugboat just chugging alone.DSC_0018



We arrived at Betty’s about 2 PM and got parked after BSing with her.DSC_0070DSC_0066

The famous Betty’s RV Park before life.DSC_0067DSC_0068DSC_0069DSC_0088

A RV neighbor came up (Toni) and asked us we if we were Dennis & Carol.  We said yes and she said she was warned about us especially me.  Blew my mind!  It was fun and in good taste but yes she was told “about us.” When we told her that Mark Nemeth would be parking next to her and her husband you would think she just won the lottery.  She got all excited.

Mark arrived with Jim & Lisa in tow just about.DSC_0076

Jim appeared to be on a mission.DSC_0075

During social hour everybody introduced themselves.  That was fun.DSC_0078DSC_0079

Then Mark presented Betty with an Escapees award for being so special and supporting RVers and especially Escapees.  She really appreciated the award.DSC_0102DSC_0111DSC_0119

For the pot luck dinner she made the main dish for everybody – chicken gumbo.  It was so good.DSC_0131DSC_0130

After dinner and about dark everybody went their own way.  Mark and I sat out and smoked a cigar.  It was a quite night.

Oh oh, Carol and were here in April and so were two other couples at the same time.  What are the odds.

Here’s a good picture of Jim.DSC_0091

Retirement – you should never have to work towards retirement.  Just go straight into retirement right away and skip working.

See ya…