Saturday, October 15, 2016

Get Ur Motors Running

Am I talking about our old bodies or old motorcycles.? 

Carol & I went to the Whistle Stop Café for breakfast.  It’s a little Ma Pa type restaurant in downtown Livingston.   It’s food is OK and the atmosphere is homey.  Hard to ruin eggs and taters.

We then went to Walmart to catch up on a few things.  Then to H.E.B. grocery store to get some sale items like pork ribs for $1.15 a lb.  Then back to the lot to figure out what we wanted to do if anything for the day.  It turned out a little of this and that.

Charlie Babcock stopped over in the afternoon.  He and his wife Ruth are on their way down south to the “Valley” (southern Texas) for the winter.  Come April they will start their trip to Alaska and be in the Loosey Goosey Group again.

For dinner we went over Sue & Jon Glick’s place behind us.  Mark was there also.  Sue presented Mark a REAL NICE quilt from the local Quilt Society.  It was to show their appreciation for his service to his country.  I got one last year.  We all talked about the fun trip to Alaska we had in 2014.  Of course we talked about our plans for the 2017 Loosey Goosey  trip also.

Afterwards Mark came over to our place to do a quick relocation of the heat sensor for the new frig safety device on the camper.  We installed it yesterday and it just wasn’t acting right.  It should be alright now.  Check it tomorrow.

Mark & I sat out on the porch and smoked a cigar, drank a beer and had a few laughs.  We want to get a GoPro movie project going for Loosey Goosey and the in-between places.  I got the GoPro and Mark has some experience with movie editing programs.

Retirement is fun if you let it be.

See ya…