Sunday, October 16, 2016

This & That On the Camper

It’s humid here in Livingston and suppose to be for a few more days.  It’s 5 AM and it’s 72 degrees outside.  Oh well, it is what it is.

I had some things I wanted to get done.  First and very simple was to wash one of our outside RV mats.  It hasn’t been done in ages.  DSC_0005

Next was to clean out the tanks and sewer lines in the camper.  Even though they were empty I still wanted to make sure everything was working.  Plus I filled up the fresh water tank.  It happens to be a 50 gallon.  That’s pretty big for a 25 foot Class C.  Love it….No problem here.DSC_0001

Next was to install the Rand McNally GPS system.  Not many places to put it but I like it where it ended up there in the left corner.DSC_0002

Next was to check the frig and see how it was doing.  84 degrees outside in the shade and 40 degrees inside the frig.  I checked both the LP and electric.DSC_0003

Next was to change antennas.   I had one up there that was over 10 years old and the fiberglass was starting to shed.  It was old.  This new one is the same brand and height.  It’s a Firestick.DSC_0004 

Next thing you know I was done with the little things and it was time for NASCAR.  bye bye..

Side bar…….. I sent out a letter to those few that want to be in the Loosey Goosey 2017 group to Alaska.  If you didn’t get it…. ooooops.  Let me know..

See ya…………..