Friday, October 28, 2016

How Hot Is It?

It was so hot that we all spent over $100 on hot stuff. 

Jim, Lisa, Carol, me and Mark all piled into a car and left for the Tabasco factory.  Carol is between two geeks and has what kind of expression?DSCN1463

We arrived at the Tabasco place a little after 9 AM. DSCN1466 It wasn’t crowded yet.  Jim and Lisa haven’t been on the Tabasco tour so they went that way.  Mark, Carol & I toured the retail store of course.  Mark & I needed to restock.  Plus we tasted just about every sample they have out for tasting.  They have a lot to taste.  Nothing like hot stuff to start the morning right.DSCN1467

About now Lisa & Jim finished the tour.  They said they liked it.

Then it’s to the Tabasco restaurant.  This is new.  It’s not real big but plenty of setting outside. 

The brown bags are filled with Tabasco products.DSCN1469DSCN1470

Can you find Jim in the picture below?DSCN1471

Next was Bon Creole in New Iberia.  It’s an outstanding place to get seafood type foods and the like.  We come here every time we are nearby. DSCN1474DSCN1475

Mark said he was on the phone but we have our doubts.DSCN1478

Next was the Jefferson House & Gardens down the road.  DSCN1495

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside.DSCN1489DSCN1488DSCN1493DSCN1485DSCN1486

This guy wasn’t afraid of me at all.DSCN1496

No idea……Looks like a girl I dated years ago.DSCN1498DSCN1499

When we got back to the camper the cat was waiting for us.DSCN1501

At social hour everybody brought food to eat.  A little of this and that.  Mark & Carol brought Mead (alcohol).  That was a hit.  Oh, Toni brought some pizza she hand made from scratch.  It was outstanding.  Her & her husband use to own a pizza shop for over a decade.  It did well and we know why!

Retirement – it’s like having enough time but not enough energy or money.

See ya……..