Saturday, October 1, 2016

Now It’s Time To Ride!

This morning I was up at 4 AM and drinking a coffee.  I’m one of those people that drink a coffee in the middle of the night and go back to sleep with no problem.  I published the blog and went back to bed about 5 AM.

The little Honda tires and air filter came in yesterday.  Those suckers flew out here using Amazon and not Prime either.  I got about 3 weeks to get stuff done before the Luckenbach Show.  Let’s see my little RV list.  Tires of course.  Then fix the awning.  Then finish hooking up the external RV LP tank where I can hook up the fire pit and BBQ.  Shouldn’t be a big problem.  I need Mark’s guidance on these few things left to do.  Then we have to figure out to load the two big motorcycles on the new (used) trailer.

Around 7:30 Carol and I went to Jack In The Box for breakfast.  Nice little breakfast meal. Scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon or sausage, and cute little pancakes for $3.99.  Wait… it’s on sale for $2.99.  Senior coffee 50 cents.  My kind of cheap.

Mark came over on his antique BMW around 10 AM.  My antique Harley was all ready.  We  headed out some real back roads.  Mark knows the area and I know to follow Mark.  Good team.  Plus, Mark had a computer map of the roads he wanted to try.  Our go was to find “Specs” down in Houston.  It a big booze store.  About 80 or 9o miles later we found it.  Damn, it’ big.  A true alcoholics heaven.   I asked a clerk for a very smooth spiced rum.  No problem.  This guy must have drank everything in the store.  He knew it all.  I got what he recommended.  Plus I got a bottle of Fire Ball for Carol.  Mark stuck with some fancy whiskey.  Back out at the bikes mine wouldn’t start at all at first.  It finally started but it was not doing so well.  We went down the road and it was still missing when given to much throttle.  We took route 59 North from downtown Houston.  It could do 85 mph but it had to be given the throttle slowly.  We made it back to Livingston and Mark went on home while I made back to the lot.  I took the plugs out and they looked fine.  I took the gas cap off and it made a very loud fart.  It must be OK now.  I think (hope) the gas tank had a vacuum in it that starved the carb from getting gas thus a miss.  I' ill get some new plugs tomorrow and see what happens.  Maybe it was that 93 octane gas that made it fart a lot.

Before we left this morning Mark checked out my broken awning on the little RV.  He proclaimed it dead and would have to take it apart to see what’s happening another day.  Anyhow, I now wanted to check it out more.  I beat on it, moved the awning arms around and dang if that thing didn’t start to work normal again.  I think something got to much out of alignment and thus wouldn’t lock in the open position.  Hey, it’s fixed as far as I’m concerned.  Time will tell. 

Today was one problem created (Harley) and another fixed (awning).  I’m even in the repair department as far as I’m concerned.  That’s an OK day for me.

Still enjoying retirement…

See ya……