Monday, October 24, 2016

On the Road Again!?

I still got Carol and the big RV in Conroe to get to Livingston.  Remember, Carol’s been line dancing at a rally along with Sue Glick while I was at Luckenbach.

Carol drove here car from Conroe (60 mile) and got here to Livingston to pick me up.  En route to Livingston a rock hit the car windshield and we got a spider crack with one run about a foot long.  Oh well.  We went back to Conroe and picked up the big RV and towed the car back to Livingston.  Wait there’s more.  In Livingston before we got to the lot I decided to get the RV inspected.  Pulled up, went in, came out with the guy, he inspected, we left.  That was easy.  We returned to the lot.  Now we have to get our Texas tag renewed  so we decided to do that right now.  Set up the big RV on the lot.  Un hooked the car and left for the DMV.  Last time there I got tags for the camper it was one thing after another.  Now we are going for the big RV.  I lost the renewal paperwork – my first problem.  Walked in and right up to a window.  Less that 5 minutes we were walking out with the new tag.  What can I say?

Now we got three motorcycles (1 is Mark’s), one mobile, one car, one big flat trailer, one small flat trailer, one small camper and one big RV all over this lot.  Barn is empty.  Mark came and got his bike.  I sold/traded/bartered the small trailer to Mark.  I gu ess we are stuck with everything else…yea….

Retirement – it’s harder to loose your job than a federal employee, will almost.

See ya…..