Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Piddle Paddle

Seems I do a lot on do nothing days.

Dave Wilson gave me a solar panel to charge the chassis battery.DSC_0006  It’s the small portable type that you plug into your cigarette lighter.  He said it came from a VW that was made in Germany 10 years ago.  When VW use to ship their high end cars they would put these in them for the boat ride.  I gave it a test with a volt meter and it appears to work good.  I cleaned it up and it looks great.

Here’s the Wave 6 that is all ready.  DSC_0003DSC_0004Might take it to Quartzsite in the big RV and use it.

The Harley…. just not sure what to do….to the shop now or later.  It’s going to the Luckenbach antique show no matter what!  DSC_0001Later could even turn into a very long later like over a year.  Thanks to the guys that sent me some suggestions.  Could use some more thoughts.

The barn is starting to look like a bike shop.  Huh, I guess it is.DSC_0008

No lights to temp lights for now.DSC_0002DSC_0009Can you see me now!

Next was to reinstall my front tag because where the little Honda will be carried it would block it.  It looks low but isn’t.DSC_0013

I bolted that baby down good. DSC_0014

I saw this lizard that has the starting of two tail tips.  The close up got the shadow .


I started to load the little RV for Luckenbach.  Yes it’s about 8 days before I leave.  I’m excited just like any RVer getting ready to do something or someplace new.  This RV camping will be in a field without hook ups what so ever.  Cool…that’s basic camping in a RV.  I call it boone docking.  I really don’t think there will be many RV campers there.  Tents yes but in another field.  At least that’s what it appears to be on the internet.  

Retirement is like work without pay….